Honorable Jennifer M. Anderson,

May Chava, Senior Pre-sales Engineer, NEC NSS; Sylvia Duran-Ramirez, Director, Bid Management & Documentation, NEC America; Larisa Boyko Director of Quality Assurance, NEC America; Jorie Bagnato, Assistant General Counsel, NEC America; Nanditha Rao, Director, Information Security, NEC America; Kimberly Archer, Vice President of Operations, NEC NSS; Dr. Kathleen Kiernan, President, NEC NSS; Stephanie Yanta, Alliance Manager, NEC NSS; Rachel Sisk, Executive Coordinator, NEC NSS; Elizabeth Kelleher, Former Intern, NEC NSS; Serena Waters, Public Policy Analyst, Government Relations and Public Policy, NEC participate in the 16th meeting of the Lipstick Mafia hosted by Kathleen Kiernan, Ed.D.
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