Loudon County 9-1-1 Awarded Total Response Accreditation (Video)

Loudon County Emergency Communications District in Tennessee, has earned PowerPhone accreditation and demonstrated a continued commitment to emergency call-handling quality.

Loudon County 9-1-1 clearly documents their standards, measuring overall compliance and implementing assessment procedures for ongoing improvement using the Total Response solution.

Accreditation resulted from a thorough agency audit by PowerPhone, an industry-leading expert and 911 call-handling-solutions provider.

(PowerPhone’s Total Response Accreditation recognizes individuals and agencies that are successfully committed to maintaining the highest standards in the 911 industry. Courtesy of PowerPhone and YouTube)

Loudon County moved from another vendor to PowerPhone in 2014 to provide a higher level of support to help them continuously improve their call handling processes for their community.

They purchased the Total Response solution which includes certification in Emergency Medical, Fire Service and Law Enforcement Dispatch, computer-aided call-handling software (CACH) to work with Southern CAD and call assessment.

(Learn More about Total Response System, courtesy of PowerPhone and YouTube)

They receive and process 146,573 calls for emergency and non-emergency services from twelve different local jurisdictions.

Using PowerPhone’s call assessment techniques and training, Loudon County was able to:

  • Monitor their agency’s performance against their defined standard of care
  • Evaluate performance trends, and
  • Using call assessment for scenario-based training, improve and identify areas for continuing education

Loudon County routinely uses Total Response to assess cross-discipline calls from each 911 dispatcher.

PowerPhone interviewed dispatchers and supervisors as part of the accreditation review.

Interview subjects all praised the agency’s implementation of Total Response for increasing engagement with 911 callers during calls with decreased response times and for providing call handlers with easier access to important information.

(Learn More about DispatchU online training with the 3C’s of effective communication. Courtesy of PowerPhone and YouTube)

Loudon County Emergency Communications District has done an excellent job defining, achieving and measuring compliance with their 911 call-handling standard of care.

Total Response accreditation affirms their ongoing commitment to strengthening 911 operations and providing the community with the highest standard of 911 call handling.

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PowerPhone’s Total Response solution ensures consistent call handling and focuses on YOUR agency’s standard of care.

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