Maritime Arresting & Port Tampa Bay to Present at PMN 2016 (Video)

On November 8th to the 10th in Long Beach, California, Maritime Arresting Technologies, a competitor in the 2016 AST Homeland Security Awards ‘ASTORS’ competition, will participate in a joint presentation with Port Tampa Bay’s Vice President of Security Mark Dubina, at the Port Management Network Forum, a national conference on port security.

The presentation will highlight the recent completion of Tampa Bay’s security enhancement project with Maritime Arresting Technologies, in which new physical security technology was implemented to increase the port’s ability and efficiency to respond to threats on their waterways.

(See in Action! Courtesy of Maritime Arresting Technologies and YouTube)

The PMN Forum in November will be the second time Maritime Arresting Technologies has sponsored the event, and the first time discussing their technology on it’s stage.

“We’re going to focus on seaward security, as land based security is already well catered for,” said Matthew Searle, the company’s Chief Technology Officer.

“We’re very excited to be sharing the stage with the port,” said Mr. Searle, referencing the upcoming co-presentation.

Maritime Arresting Technologies
Maritime Arresting Technologies revolutionary new reel mounted security-boom system, deployed at Port of Tampa. Closing off the mouth of a harbor in under six minutes.

In August, Maritime Arresting Technologies worked with Port Tampa Bay and the Sheriff’s office to implement a series of retractable port security booms which can close off the mouth of a harbor in under six minutes.

After the technology was implemented, the company did training with the Coast Guard and the Sheriff’s office on how to properly and effectively use the security enhancements.

Port Tampa Bay also acquired Maritime Arresting Technologies MK 4 Launcher – another of the port security company’s innovative and one of a kind products which help law enforcement stop unauthorized vessels on the water.

Maritime Arresting Technologies
Maritime Arresting Technologies conducting training for the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department and the USCG, at Port Tampa Bay

“We’re inviting anyone who is curious about the Tampa Bay project to come down to the Long Beach Conference Centre during PMN next month.”

“We will be presenting what we’ve learned during the project with Mr. Dubina,” stated Shawn Splide, Maritime Arresting Technologies’ Director.

Maritime Arresting Technologies is a U.S. veteran-owned company that develops and manufactures and range of solutions to save lives, secure high-value locations and apprehend non-compliant vessels.

Maritime Arresting Technologies

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Good luck to Maritime Arresting Technologies on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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