MD to Assess 911 Network Following 145 Cyber Incidents in 43 States

SecuLore Solutions™ is a Maryland based cybersecurity company focused on Public Safety, combining knowledge of the Public Safety market with deep cybersecurity expertise, and an understanding of the techniques that cyber hackers use to attack computer networks. (Image courtesy of SecuLore Solutions)

Mission Critical Partners (MCP), and partner SecuLore Solutions, a Maryland-based cyber security company focused on public safety, has been selected to complete a dynamic 911 network discovery for all public safety answering points (PSAPs) in the state of Maryland.

A second component of the project is to complete an in-depth cyber security evaluation of its PSAPs with the goal of protecting them against external and internal threats.

The project’s goal is to generate greater visibility into Maryland’s 911 infrastructure, applications and databases, which are growing in complexity and sophistication as the state transitions to Next Generation 911 (NG911).

NG911 is a broadband, internet-protocol (IP)-based system that enables the transmission of real-time text, images, video and voice calls.

(Learn More about the Benefits of Next Generation 911. Courtesy of USDOTNHTSA and YouTube)

While this transition brings tremendous benefits, such as the potential for faster and more efficient emergency response, it also creates increased risks that PSAPs must understand and actively manage to protect against intentional and unintentional threats.

For example, in the last 24 months alone, 145 cyber incidents have affected public safety agencies in 43 states.

MCP and SecuLore Solutions will provide the following tasks on behalf of the Maryland Emergency Number Systems Board (ENSB):

  • Complete a dynamic network and asset discovery to create an up-to-date infrastructure and asset database that reveals single points of failure, vulnerabilities and security risks
  • Analyze the future need for PSAPs to proactively protect their networks while migrating to NG911 technology
  • Execute an in-depth cyber security evaluation called CyberBenchmark™ to determine the PSAPs level of risk
Kevin Murray, MCP's chief executive officer and cofounder
Kevin Murray, MCP’s chief executive officer and cofounder

“We support Maryland’s vision to be confident in the security, information and documentation surrounding its 911 infrastructure,” said Kevin Murray, MCP’s chief executive officer and cofounder.

“Taking this proactive approach will help them be better prepared for their upcoming transition to NG911, and safeguard against threats that could disable them or interrupt their ability to serve the citizens of Maryland.”

“As evidenced by the cyber-attacks we’ve seen across the country, we know legacy systems are at risk, and in moving to an all IP NG911 system, there are new and different vulnerabilities for which public safety will need to be prepared,” said Tim Lorello, SecuLore Solution’s chief executive officer and president.

(Learn More about SecuLore Solutions from Timothy Lorello, CEO and President. Courtesy of StartupMaryland and YouTube)

“We are proud to support our state’s effort to take this important step in getting PSAPs and their IT teams the cybersecurity resources they need,” added Lorello.

The PSAPs supported by the Maryland ENSB serve more than 6 million residents and visitors and process more than 5 million emergency calls annually.

Mission Critical Partners (MCP) is a professional and co-managed services firm that helps clients enhance and evolve their public safety systems and operations through our extensive experience, knowledge and resources.

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By providing insight and support every step of the way, MCP clients are able to transform their mission critical operations, maximizing the value of their investments and ensuring optimal performance and success.