Milrem & Estonian Defense League Coop for UGV Dev’t (See in Action)

Milrem and the Estonian Defense league have signed a cooperation agreement to start rigorous tests of Milrem’s unmanned ground vehicle THeMIS during live military exercises.

Feedback from the tests will be used for further development of the UGV and its tactical advancements.

(Milrem participated at the biggest Estonian yearly exercise Kevadtorm (Spring Storm) with two UGV’s – THeMIS Transport and THeMIS with deFNder RWS from FN Herstal. Courtesy of Milrem and YouTube)

Milrem and the Defense League already performed live tests during the biggest Estonian annual military exercise Kevadtorm (Spring Storm) in May.

During that exercise a transport UGV was provided to a Defense League unit for carrying soldier load and other essential equipment.


The cooperation between Milrem and the Defense League is closely tied to the DIBS (Digital Infantry Battlefield Solution) program initiated by Milrem and carried out together with several universities in Estonia and abroad.

The aim of the cooperation with the Defense League and DIBS is to develop efficient and powerful manned-unmanned teaming technologies for military forces that reduce battlefield risks to warfighters.

MilremDIBS will also produce recommendations for military doctrine in order to effectively use the capability of robotic systems.

“Feedback and know-how input from military units that have firsthand experience with our products is essential to us,” explained Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem.

Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem
Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem

“This cooperation will allow us to develop further robotic solutions that will become an integral part of warfighting,” he added.

“The cooperation between the Defense League and Milrem allows the latter to develop innovative products and us to strengthen our military capabilities,” said Major General Meelis Kiili, commander of the Defense League.

Together we will boost the Estonian defense industry and hopefully it’s exports.”