Morphick & Endgame Launch Adv Managed EDR for Next-Gen Attacks

Alliance to help reduce strain on organizations to retain and train expert security talent

Two industry-leading security providers, Morphick and Endgame, have today launched the most advanced Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (Managed EDR™) service in the industry.

The Morphick Managed EDR™ service, powered by Endgame, combines Morphick’s best-in-class managed detection and response services with Endgame’s unparalleled EDR platform to provide customers with earliest prevention, accelerated detection and response, and automated hunt of next-gen attacks.

Organizations will improve endpoint security, avoid costly IR engagements, and reduce business exposure without the burden of managing technology or hiring additional staff.

Core to the service offering are Morphick’s seasoned security analysts and NSA-accredited incident response teams, whose deep expertise enables them to identify and terminate the efforts of latent attackers targeting organizations’ intellectual property, business systems, or other key assets.

(Hear from Brian Minick, CEO of Morphick. Only Morphick’s Managed Detection and Response Service offering creates Morphing Defensive Postures that are constantly changing based on Tailored Threat Intelligence coming from both across the industry and from within your environment. Courtesy of Morphick and Vimeo)

These analysts will leverage Endgame’s EDR platform to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to advanced attacks without the reliance on signatures.

Customers will benefit from disruption-free operations, rather than the continuous disturbance many face when attackers evade traditional security controls.

“We are excited to partner with Endgame to present the market with a solution that finally effectively addresses security organizations most pressing issue; defending against advanced attackers by delivering one service that combines the power of Morphick threat hunters and analysts with Endgame’s best-in-class EDR platform, said Brian Minick, CEO of Morphick.

“Technology alone will not win the battle against people.”

The Morphick Managed EDR™ service is delivered utilizing Endgame’s recently-announced platform enhancements that expand coverage of the attacker lifecycle to anticipate adversary innovations, including In-Memory Attack Detection and Malicious Persistence Detection capabilities.

(Digital masquerading is used by the most sophisticated as well as less skilled adversaries to hide in the noise while conducting operations. Learn More, courtesy of Endgame and YouTube)

Endgame is the first and only endpoint security platform that combines prevention, detection and response in a single centrally-managed dissolvable sensor to prevent attacks and eliminate new and already resident adversaries in time to stop damage and loss.

“Today’s advanced attackers circumvent even the most fortified of traditional enterprise defenses,” said Nate Fick, CEO of Endgame.

“Endgame and Morphick’s joint solution combines state-of-the-art technology with top-notch talent to deliver an always-on solution that disrupts the attack lifecycle to stop the most sophisticated techniques that incumbent EDR tools fail to detect.”

“Armed with it, our customers can spend less time dealing with threats and more time on innovation and growth.”

Morphick provides security Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to organizations globally. Morphick’s proven approach combines attack detection, threat hunting, incident response, and tailored threat intelligence to deliver morphing defensive postures.

Morphick and Endgame

The Morphick service provides multiple types of network security monitoring, full packet capture, and endpoint threat-hunting capabilities. All events are aggregated on the Morphick Defense Platform and are monitored, validated, and remediated by US-based dedicated security analysts in the Morphick Threat Intelligence Center.

Organizations can also leverage Morphick’s NSA CIRA-Accredited Incident Response services for breach response support.

Morphick provides threat intelligence for deep intelligence gathering and analysis, and other incident response services such as malware reverse engineering and customer signature development.

Endgame is a leading endpoint security platform that enables enterprises to close the protection gap against advanced attacks and detect and eliminate resident adversaries.


Endgame transforms security operations teams and incident responders from crime scene investigators into hunters that prevent damage and loss, and dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with incident response and compromise assessment.

Our IOC-independent platform covers the entire kill chain, leveraging machine learning and data science to uncover, in real-time, unique attacks that evade traditional defenses and respond precisely without disrupting normal business operations.

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