New Anti-Bullying & Student Vaping Detect Sensor & Alert System

Don’t let hidden issues sneak up on you. Fly Sense can help keep your school safe.

The key to improving life safety and security in schools is through automated situational awareness.

Principals and teachers must receive real-time information about a possible threat situations, so they can initiate the appropriate response plan.

Digital Fly, a respected school safety products and technology developer, is introducing its latest innovation, Fly Sense, a new cloud-based IOT anti-bullying and vaping detector/sensor.

Fly Sense that is the only product on the market to offer combined vaping chemical detection and decibel level monitoring specifically designed for school environments. 

Derek Peterson, CEO/Founder of Digital Fly, holding a demonstration model of the new Fly Sense vaping and bullying-detection monitor unit and its companion phone application. (Image courtesy of Corbett PR)
Derek Peterson, CEO/Founder of Digital Fly, with a new Fly Sense vaping and bullying-detection monitor unit and its companion phone application. (Image courtesy of Corbett PR)

Fly Sense is a cloud-based platform that detects and sends alerts to school officials when bullying or vaping is taking place in bathrooms, isolated areas as well as classrooms and lunch rooms of schools.

When the sensor detects decibel level anomalies caused by bullying or chemicals from vaping, it sends an immediate notification to one or many school officials’ computers or mobile devices.

The release of Fly Sense follows the New York State adopted legislation making vaping and the use of e-cigarettes illegal on public and private school property across the state.  

According to both a recent U.S. Surgeon General’s report and a survey from the New York State Department of Health e-cigarette use by high school students is rapidly rising.

The Fly Sense platform represents a revolutionary advancement in school safety. The platform consists of a front-end edge detection sensor called Fly Sensor with a backend logic processing server. 

Each Fly Sensor can work independently or in conjunction with a network of two or more Fly Sensors.

“Expanding on our extensive line of high tech school safety products allows us to make a real impact on issues relating to bullying, fighting and using vaping devices and e-cigarettes in schools. Fly Sense is designed specifically for the education market,” said Derek Peterson, CEO at Digital Fly.

Mike Richez, Executive Vice President at OSC World

“Fly Sense is a unique product and approach which creates effective ways for schools to protect and ensure the safety of students.”

“We believe this product is a game changer for schools and falls directly in-line with the new law recently signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo which bans vaping and e-cigarettes in schools in New York State,” said Mike Richez, Executive Vice President at OSC World, the marketing and sales partner of Digital Fly.

“Vaping and e-cigarette use is dangerous to the health of students and can be a gateway to the use of illegal drugs or tobacco smoking.”

With the Fly Sense sensor array you can keep a close eye on what matters most to you and be able to react in time to prevent disaster.

Receive alerts directly to your smart phone so you are aware of when a Fly Sensor detects a threat.