New App Connects Mobile Devices to Land Mobile Radios (See in Action)

BlueLine Grid introduces another first-of-its-kind application to advance collaboration, this time between land mobile radios and BlueLine Grid’s GeoGrid mobile push-to-talk (PTT) app.

The Bethesda-based startup created the technology to enable global users of Cisco’s Instant Connect server (converting analog mobile radios to VOIP) to encrypt radio channels, connect to cell phones and record conversations.

The initial use case involves connecting information silos between government agencies and corporations to advance public safety and emergency communications.

(Matt Melton, Director of Sales for BlueLine Grid, highlights how the partnership with Cisco has enabled cell-to-radio communication.. Courtesy of Cisco and YouTube)

BlueLine Grid and Cisco will jointly market the application as an extension to Cisco Instant Connect and Cisco’s Spark collaboration platform.

Jack Weiss, BlueLine Grid President
Jack Weiss, BlueLine Grid President

“BlueLine Grid is enthusiastic to expand the Instant Connect and Spark collaboration use cases to include encrypted, location based channels,” said Jack Weiss, BlueLine Grid President.

“Think of this as a mashup of the 90’s Nextel walkie-talkie phones with iOS, Android, and Spark.”

“Our goal is to remove the collaboration barriers between users, providing a means to connect any user and device.”

BlueLine Grid has received a strategic investment from In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the U.S. Intelligence Community, as well as Motorola Solutions, which is integrating BlueLine Grid’s innovative software with Motorola’s public safety radio systems.

(BlueLine is the world’s first professional network developed exclusively for law enforcement. In this brief video, hear Bill Bratton’s vision for how this new platform can advance law enforcement capabilities. Courtesy of BlueLine Grid and YouTube.)

BlueLine Grid operates the nation’s premier, trusted collaboration network for law enforcement, first responders, and security teams improving the productivity and safety of our government and corporate clients by allowing them to locate and securely communicate with their mobile workforces and partners, anywhere and at any time.