New Bilingual Site to Aid ECAC Compliance in EDS Bag Screening

Morpho Detection, today announced a new global resource to help airports successfully transition to European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3 hold baggage screening capabilities.


It’s a regulatory framework to improve aviation security

The European Commission passed a legislative framework requiring all hold baggage screening in Europe be equipped with European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3-approved explosive detection systems (EDS).

Airports must have these systems in use by 2018 in the UK, 2020 for the rest of Europe, and 2022 in specific circumstances.

Why did regulators set these new standards?

Increasing security threats have led to higher needs for detection, enhanced regulatory standards and the need for increased efficiencies — realized through reduced false alarm rates (FAR).

The new, now online in both English and Spanish, contains guides, checklists, and insights to help airports in Europe smoothly transition to and ensure compliance with approaching regulations mandating the use of ECAC Standard 3-approved hold baggage explosives detection systems (EDS).

Featuring best practice advice from airports, in addition to Morpho Detection’s product and technology leaders, the new aims to provide useful guidance on what it takes to upgrade from Standard 2 to Standard 3-approved EDS.

(When you invest in an EDS platform, you’re investing in more than just the technology. Learn More, courtesy of Safran, Morpho Detection and YouTube)

Featured on the website is Morpho Detection’s new blog, Seeing Clearly. Updated regularly with the latest insights and trends related to explosives and narcotics detection, Seeing Clearly is optimized to serve as a forum to help solve detection challenges.

Sara Bresee, Chief Marketing Officer, Morpho Detection
Sara Bresee, Chief Marketing Officer, Morpho Detection

“Upgrading to Standard 3 is a complex process that takes time and planning,”said Sara Bresee, Chief Marketing Officer, Morpho Detection.

“Leveraging our experience from deploying more than 2,000 CTX EDS worldwide, we wanted to create a site featuring content to help our European partners throughout all phases of the process.”

“We’re excited that the content has been well received and that our partners and customers are reading and sharing our posts.”

In an increasingly dangerous world, there’s no time for downtime.

Advanced CT-Based Explosives Detection

(The CTX™ series is a range of automated explosive detection systems (EDS) for luggage screening in airport environments built on advanced Computed Tomography (CT) explosives detection and certified by the US TSA. Courtesy of Safran, Morpho Detection and YouTube)

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