New Handheld Drug Detection Device for Law Enforcement

PAS Systems International has released the AquilaScan Oral Fluid Drug Screener designed for law enforcement.

AquilaScan is an affordable, handheld, qualitative screening instrument with a simple to use field data management system.

Quickly and Reliably Screen for the Presence of Drugs

The device leverages oral fluid which is a better indicator of recent drug use than urine without the complicated logistics of urine testing.

This combination of superior methodology and simple field usage makes AquilaScan ideal for law enforcement.

Simple to Operate

The AquilaScan device is simple to operate.

  • A disposable sponge is used to swap the inside of the subject’s mouth
  • The sponge is then placed in a test cassette which is then inserted into the portable analyzer unit
  • Results are promptly displayed and can be printed, stored or downloaded to a computer

“AquilaScan is a 3-in-1 ergonomic electronic analyzer with built-in printer, customizable data management system and driver’s license scanner.

This integrated approach serves to eliminate possible sources of human errors and ensures a clear chain of custody” stated Jarel Kelsey, President of PAS Systems.

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The AquilaScan device is presently nearing completion of advanced field trials with law enforcement agencies in several states.  These studies will provide real world usage results as well as valuable feedback for device evolution and additional features important to the law enforcement community.  PAS will release field trial updates as they are completed.

PAS Systems International

Headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, PAS Systems International, Inc., is a 20 year leader in the manufacturing of fuel cells and the development of alcohol detection devices utilized by law enforcement, in the workplace and elsewhere.

The PAS mission is to leverage the highest quality impairment detection technologies to enhance public safety.  In addition to a diverse set of proprietary alcohol detection devices, PAS has expanded its focus to meet the increasing demand for advanced drug detection devices.