New Partnership to Create End-to-End Public-Safety Solution

General Informatics, a leading Technology services firm in Baton Rouge, and Software & Services of LA, have teamed up to jointly develop and market software solutions for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice applications.

Software & Services (S&S) of LA is the leading provider of software solutions to Sheriff’s Offices, Assessor’s offices and Clerks of Court.

Their software has been used in over 40 parishes in the State of Louisiana for over 30 years.

“Greg Teeters and his team have intimate knowledge of the processes that drive Civil and Criminal systems in the state of Louisiana,” said Mohit ‘Mo’ Vij, CEO of General Informatics.

“We are very excited that we will get to work with such a brilliant and experienced team.”

General Informatics has transformed IT departments at scores of businesses with its excellence-driven approach.

In addition to providing comprehensive IT services for domestic and international clients, General Informatics is developing handheld devices and augmented reality glasses for strategic markets.

For law enforcement officers, for example, the devices can perform license-plate and facial-recognition scans, and produce within seconds any applicable criminal background records.

“GI has driven leadership with a commitment to developing futuristic technologies,” said Greg Teeters, President of Software and Services.

“Together we will have world class digital solutions that will cover every facet of public safety need.”

General Informatics has collaborated with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office to carry out field tests of the devices, which can create more efficient and accurate criminal reports for deputies, provide a safety premium through hands-free use, offer the convenience of rapid ticket and report production through mobile printers, and potentially produce technology cost-savings through the replacement of onboard computers in law enforcement vehicles.

General Informatics and S&S have much in common. Each have worked for years to improve the efficiency and integration of courts and criminal justice.

Both were formed and have grown in Louisiana, and remain committed to growing Louisiana’s technology base, and its high-tech workforce.

In October, 2016 General Informatics broke ground on its $20 million @Highland Campus.