New Patent for High Security Logical Controls Vehicle Barriers (Video)

CINCH systems, has received new U.S. Patent award #9,607,512, Logical Controls for Vehicle Barriers and Bollards with Performance Data Collection. 

This latest patent expands the CINCH systems patent portfolio for security, controls, and life safety products.

Retractable vehicle barriers and bollards are used to control vehicle access to a facility at a perimeter point of entry gate.

Therefore, it is imperative that the control be precise and fast ̶ but only when it is needed. An effective barrier and its’ control system is the first line of defense against unwanted entry and exit.

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“Our latest patent raises the bar in providing protection at high profile facilities against vehicular, forced perimeter breach by integrating control system logic and derived actions from stored sensor data from each of the corresponding barriers,” said Joel Christianson, President and CTO of CINCH systems, Inc.

“Additionally, all entry and exit data is captured for forensics and data analysis ̶ up to 233 million events.  We have also built-in predictive algorithms that can capture operating cycles to provide vital maintenance information to keep the barrier / bollard in a continual state of readiness.“

“A reliable and responsive barrier or bollard control system is as important as the barrier itself,” adds Christianson.

This new patent, as well as all CINCH systems security products, utilize patentednEnd-To-End AES Encryption for secure system communication for the highest level of system protection against breach and hacking.

cinch systems logoCINCH systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of patented, high security and life safety technologies offering high security product portfolios including:

  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
  • Vehicle Barrier Systems (VBS) Controls
  • Door and Security Gate Controls

CINCH systems products provide complete patented, AES Encryption End-To-End, secure fiber conversion, and the easiest to use touch screen interface in the security industry.

Products are used to protect people and property across a wide-range of facilities for U.S. Government Agencies and Military facilities, SCIFs ̶ Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, Law Enforcement, and Commercial Faculties.