New Remote Mobile Phone Acquisition Kits for Litigation Support

The Oliver Group (TOG), an internationally recognized leader in on-site electronic discovery, data acquisition, forensics, media restoration and data conversion services, has announced expanded service offerings related to remote collections of mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices.

The need for the ability to forensically collect data from cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices remotely has become a frequent requirement in the litigation support field.

Client cost concerns, timelines and busy custodian schedules allow TOG to approach remote forensic data collection of mobile devices from multiple custodians across several locations, one-off custodians, or those in very remote locations, in an effort to minimize the impact of travel expenses on a project.

TOG’s remote collection process is performed by highly qualified TOG Experts using a self-contained mobile kit including necessary technology equipped with mobile phone forensic collection capabilities.

Dean M. Felicetti – Partner/Licensed Private Investigator
Dean M. Felicetti, Partner/Licensed Private Investigator

Once the kit is connected to the network, the custodian, IT or approved representative will plug the mobile device into the kit utilizing the cabling provided by TOG., TOG expert performs the collection via a remote session.

TOG’s remote collection methodology can be used for the creation of full forensic images or the acquisition of targeted data sets using the same defensible solutions employed for on-site collections.

“The high demand of remote collections of Apple devices like iPhones, iPads as well as Samsung Galaxies, and other phones and tablets, has allowed us to seamlessly provide remote and forensic mobile phone eDiscovery services efficiently with the same defensible approach our clients have become accustomed to over the last 19 years,” said Dean M. Felicetti, Partner/Licensed Private Investigator.

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