Norton Takes the Helm of JFHQ-DODIN & Directorship of DISA

Navy Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton (Image courtesy of Seapower by Kate Patterson)

Navy Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton assumed command of the Joint Force Headquarters – Department of Defense Information Network (JFHQ-DODIN) and directorship of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) during a ceremony held at the organizations’ joint headquarters on Fort George G. Meade Feb. 1.

Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers, commander of U.S. Cyber Command, director of the National Security Agency, and chief of the Central Security Service, and Essye B. Miller, acting DOD chief information officer, presided over the ceremony, during which Army Lt. Gen. Alan R. Lynn relinquished command and directorship after serving the nation in uniform for 38 years.

Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers

“I look at this audience and I think to myself, ‘Man, if you are doing anything in [information technology], networks, cyber … you are here today,” said Rogers as he opened the ceremony in the standing room-only venue.

Rogers addressed the men and women of DISA and JFHQ-DODIN.

“You do something that matters to this nation, and every day you work tirelessly. And on your best day, quite frankly, many times people won’t really appreciate what you do.”

“But on your worst day, everybody appreciates what you do. […] You are literally spread around the world, and yet you do a job that matters every day and you do it tirelessly.”

The four-star admiral said the ceremony was an opportunity to stop for a moment and remember the importance of command and accountability.

“That idea, ultimately, is embodied in the concept of a man or woman willing to step up and say ‘I will assume this responsibility. I will assume this role.”

“And no matter what happens, I am the ultimately accountable individual,’” said Rogers.

“Al did that superbly […], but that continuity never stops, and that’s what brings Vice Adm. Nancy Norton to this time and place.”

“She, too, is ready to stand up, raise that right hand, and say, ‘I have the deck. I have the conn. And I will take it all the way.’”

“That is something incredibly powerful,” he said, turning to Norton, who will report directly to him as commander of JFHQ-DODIN.

“I can’t say how proud I am of what you have done and what you have achieved, but more importantly, what you will achieve. I look forward to being your mission partner in so many ways.”

The acting DOD chief information officer, whom Norton will report to as director of DISA, said she was thankful to be a part of the ceremony.

Essye B. Miller, acting DOD chief information officer
Essye B. Miller, acting DOD chief information officer

“It’s a great day to be thankful. Thankful for a variety of reasons. Thankful for the men and women of DISA and the global capabilities that you bring to bear in support of our warfighters’ missions.”

“[…] Thankful for the families that stand behind these two officers and the force as they do their job. […] And finally, thankful for the future and opportunities that DISA will have under the leadership of Nancy Norton.”

“You carry the trust and confidence of many of us as you step into the role of DISA [director],” Miller said to Norton.

“I have no doubt you’ll be a great partner as we go forward. Even more so, you and Al will stand in the legacy of the DISA directors that are here today, who have paved the way and broken many boulders for you to move ahead in technology and in the way we do business.”

Miller also brought on a thunderous round of applause when she said, “I get to partner with the first female director of DISA.”

Finally, she remarked on DISA’s relevance to the department.

“Many of you know the National Defense Strategy was released just a couple of weeks ago.”

“Secretary [of Defense James] Mattis is committed to restoring military readiness as we build a more lethal force, strengthen our alliances with our partners, and reform the department.”

“The mission and the capabilities that this organization brings to bear resonate in all three of those areas,” said Miller.

Lt. Gen. Alan R. Lynn
Lt. Gen. Alan R. Lynn

Lynn’s remarks focused on thanking the many people who have supported him professionally and personally throughout the course of his career and during his time at DISA and JFHQ-DODIN.

“It has been an honor to work with the men and women of DISA and JFHQ-DODIN because they are truly special,” he said.

“They have all the talent in the world and they’ve put that talent towards an idea bigger than themselves, towards service to the nation. It is what makes our nation great and it’s an honor to have served with this caliber of men and women.”

“Nancy, you are the right leader at the right time to take over DISA and JFHQ-DODIN,” said Lynn. “You have a vision for the future and the strength and élan to make it happen.”

The passing of the JFHQ-DODIN and DISA unit flags served as a symbolic transfer of command, responsibility, and authority before Norton took the stage to make her first remarks as commander and director.

Navy Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton
Navy Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton

“It’s my great privilege and honor to relieve Lt. Gen. Al Lynn today,” she said.

“This is a special day for me because of the officer and leader that I have had the opportunity to work for and learn from over the last few months, and get to relieve today.”

She thanked her family, friends, and the mentors she has had through her career.

“I am deeply grateful for the confidence placed in me as I take the helm. It’s an exciting challenge that I now eagerly, gratefully, and humbly accept,” said Norton.

“I will never take the weight of this responsibility for granted.”

“To the men and women of DISA and JFHQ-DODIN: You are clearly committed to supporting a tremendous mission, supporting our warfighting and defense mission around the globe.”

“This is the information age and it is your hard work and dedication that will keep the information flowing.”

“You have proven to be a great team, and I look forward to leading this team and the challenges we will face together.”

“It is an incredible honor and privilege to be serving with you. God bless you, and God bless America.”