Passport Unveils SmartShield System v2.0 Network Radiation Detection

Passport Systems, has introduced version 2.0 of its SmartShield™ Networked Radiation Detection System software.

In addition to its groundbreaking Analysis function, the SmartShield system now includes the SmartShield Source Simulation application that allows users to electronically inject a simulated radioactive source to provide a full fidelity simulation of an actual event.

For the first time, customers can train to find either a stationary or a moving source without deploying a physical source.

Tom Hughes, Director of Product Management for SmartShield Technology

“This could change the game for how we train ConOps,” said Tom Hughes, Director of Product Management for SmartShield Technology.

“The SmartShield Source Simulation application enables hazmat units to train without the logistics of radiation sources, in public areas should they choose, using the equipment that they would use in day-to-day operations.”

“This type of training allows agencies to reevaluate and modify ConOps to meet the growing radiological threat.”

The SmartShield system is comprised of small gamma-radiation detectors that collect radiation data and transmit the information wirelessly through smartphones, forming a network that allows security forces to simultaneously respond to any threats.

While on patrol, security and law enforcement officers collect background radiation data.

When gamma radiation is detected, an alert and GPS coordinates are sent throughout the network, to a central command station, and to responding law enforcement personnel.

Source Detection Training Exercise
Source Detection Training Exercise

The capabilities of the revolutionary SmartShield system have been expanded:

  • SmartShield Source Simulation, our all-new simulation tool
  • Extended battery life
  • Includes Analysis Mode, to compare previous radiation maps, and highlight changes in detected isotopes across the survey area
  • Includes Replay Mode, to playback a previous survey, allowing for closer review of previous events
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4, S6, and S7 phones

These new capabilities are part of the continuing evolution of the SmartShield System, demonstrating that radiation detection technology does not have to be static and stagnant.

Making the software application stronger, less dependent on particular smartphone models is a move that will enable SmartShield technology to be platform independent in the future.

Robert Ledoux, President, CEO And Director Of Passport Systems
Robert Ledoux, President, CEO And Director Of Passport Systems

“The SmartShield system and source simulation application will continue to set the standard for the radiation detection industry,” said Dr. Robert Ledoux, President, CEO, and Director of Passport Systems, Inc.

“Together with our recent NCS4 lab evaluation, these expanded capabilities represent a dramatic growth in our ability to protect people and events.”

In the United States, the SmartShield technology has been used to beef up security at the NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament in Houston, at the Boston Marathon, and other crowd gathering events, such as NASCAR races in New Hampshire.

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Internationally, it is being marketed for use at celebrations, soccer matches, concerts, as well as airports, and ports.