Paterson, NJ Police Department Joins COPsync Network (Video)

The Paterson Police Department in New Jersey has joined the COPsync communication and information sharing Network.

COPsync has developed the COPsync Network™, a communication system that protects citizens from violence and domestic terrorism. Security is increased with advance warnings of dangerous people, real-time notification of crimes in progress, and the COPsync911™ threat-alert system to safeguard schools and other high-risk buildings.

COPsync solutions save minutes when seconds count, saving lives and protecting citizens and communities.

(Learn More. Communities can become safer with the use of 21st century technology to help law enforcement have the appropriate tools to know who they are pulling over before they get out of their patrol car. Courtesy of COPsync and YouTube)

The Company recently adopted a new sales strategy that involves collaborating with law enforcement and school industry subject matter experts and influencers, both in government and private industry, whose assistance is expected to decrease the sales cycle from years to several months.

Paterson, New Jersey, is an example of the shortened sales cycle. UN Ambassador and former New York Giant Jack Brewer was instrumental in closing this particular sale. 

Officer Safety – Fast Communication

Ambassador Brewer stated, “As a former New York Giant I am excited to help COPsync’s expansion efforts in the Tri-State area.”

“Further, I believe that my business and personal relationships with decision-makers and other influencers throughout the country will help accelerate the sales cycle and the adoption of COPsync’s much-needed services for protecting citizens and law enforcement officers.” 

Paterson is located in Passaic County, New Jersey in the northeast portion of the state, and is the largest accredited police department in the State of New Jersey with a staff of 400 officers and 125 civilians, making this a key tactical starting point toward growing the COPsync Network across the state of New Jersey.

The Department joins thousands of law enforcement officers in 15 states across the U.S. using the COPsync Network to share mission-critical information and communicate among themselves in real-time as if they were one law enforcement agency.

Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale
Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale

Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale stated, “As the first agency in New Jersey to join the COPsync Network, we have prioritized the safety of our citizens and officers.

“Our officers will be protected with real-time information about the vehicles and persons they come into contact with.’ 

“The more information an officer has when they make a contact, the more professional they appear, which leads to higher comfort levels for citizens and increased safety for everyone.”

Mayor Jose ‘Joey’ Torres said, “Law enforcement information sharing has been a long-time goal for the City of Paterson.”

“COPsync provides the necessary technology to make inter-agency communication possible. Paterson is proud to be the first law enforcement customer in the state to have this life saving, state of the art service.”

Ward Eric Leber, member of the COPsync Board of Directors and Founder of the Child Safety Network
Ward Eric Leber, member of the COPsync Board of Directors and Founder of the Child Safety Network

Ronald A. Woessner, CEO of COPsync, stated, “The Company is beginning to see sales leverage from its existing and new relationships with subject matter experts and influencers. This sales leverage and strategy is expected to create accelerated COPsync sales momentum nationwide.”

Ward Eric Leber, member of the COPsync Board of Directors and Founder of the Child Safety Network (CSN), said, “Relationships are built over time. After nearly thirty years of working to keep children safe, I have developed strategic relationships within the private and government sectors that will assist in continuing to shorten the COPsync sales cycle.”

“I am uniquely positioned to connect educators, school officials, the public, and law enforcement agencies to learn how they can have their communities protected by COPsync.” 


COPsync, Inc. is a technology company that connects law enforcement officers across the nation, so they can communicate and share mission-critical information in real-time.

This saves officers’ lives and keeps the public safer; helps law enforcement officers catch common criminals and stop child kidnappings, vehicle thefts, bank robberies and other crimes in progress, and arms the nation’s law enforcement officers with needed information so they can help defend against terrorism.