Patriot One to Launch Covert Concealed Weapons Detect Sys at IACP

Tom Ridge, First Secretary of the US DHS and former Governor of Pennsylvania will be the keynote speaker at an invitation-only hosted event to formally introduce the Patriot One NForce CMR1000 product, during the IACP Conference in San Diego.

The Honorable Tom Ridge
The Honorable Tom Ridge, First Secretary of the US DHS and former Governor of Pennsylvania

Ridge will focus on the importance of private and public sectors working together to prevent random acts of violence on our citizens.

Patriot One CEO Martin Cronin along with the company’s scientific and management team will announce the launch of a new, revolutionary covert weapons detection technology.

“Today’s senseless acts of gun and weapon violence on our global citizens is top of mind, and we all want solutions to protect our family, friends and communities,” Cronin said.

“There have been more than 185 shootings at our schools alone since Sandy Hook in 2012. This must stop, and we’re excited to announce a new product that can make us all safer and prevent attacks like these.”

Patriot One will provide details about the advanced development stage of its NForce covert concealed weapons system with over five years of academic research and successful testing complete.

(Learn More about NForce CMR1000, courtesy of Patriot One and Vimeo)

NForce CMR1000 is a first-of-its-kind covert primary screening device for the detection of on-body concealed weapons at access points including hallways and doorways of weapons-restricted buildings and facilities.

NForce is an easily concealed, cost-effective and non-invasive full body scanning technology that is proven, practical and safe.

Concealed Weapons Detection

NForce CMR1000 is the world’s most advanced technology for covert screening and detection of concealed weapons.

CMR1000 identifies threats by database comparison of known weapons profiles, and by detection of concealed irregular object mass.

Unlike millimeter wave units in use currently, the CMR1000 is far less expensive, easily concealed, and utilizes a single scan for detection, as compared to the numerous scans required by large, expensive and manned static installations.

NForce CMR1000 Can also be Employed in Entrances to Mobile Environments – Public transit, Aircraft, Elevators, etc.

Operational Benefits

NForce CMR1000 screens individuals in real time as they pass though the CMR1000 detection field in access points, halls and entryways.

Installation can be covert or overt from any direction (e.g., sides, directly above or below), subject to need and structural considerations.

Eliminates institutional metal detector style look and feel.

NForce`s patented Cognitive Microwave Radar employs a network-wide ability to “learn” and adapt to new threats as “signature” patterns are identified.

Pattern updates are transmitted network-wide offering an ever increasing signature library.

A system that ‘learns’ and improves detection rates across an entire network

patriot-one-mainOperational Efficiency

The CMR1000 offers performance accuracy which significantly reduces personnel needs required for bag checks and secondary screening as security is primarily deployed against identified threats only.

NForce provides stand off capability and guidelines to increase first responder reaction times through immediate action integrated directly to access controls.

Users manage activities from a desktop computer, mobile application, or as a dedicated alarm for localized alerts.

Key Features

  • Small enough for covert hall and doorway installations.
  • Images of the target NOT generated; absolutely no privacy concerns.
  • No subject compliance required. System acquires results on moving targets.
  • Secured locations inconspicuous – not institutional.


  • Time consuming scans not required.
  • Doesn’t require line of sight.
  • Compact and lower cost than millimeter-wave units.
  • Low cost allows for multiple networked units.
  • Weapon profiles updated network-wide regularly.
  • Real-time and entirely computer-based. Human operators NOT required.
  • Early detection reduces inspection team size and buys first responders critical intervention time.
  • System “learns” and continuously perfects its detection ability.
  • Frequencies are aligned with international regulations for safe use of microwave bandwidths.

Operational Environment

Designed for use in any public or private facility to effectively manage and restrict weapons access.

Government & Commercial Buildings

The patented Cognitive Microwave Radar (CMR) technology is designed to deter, detect and defend against unlawful use of weapons in private buildings, sports venues, schools, transportation hubs, entertainment facilities, clubs and other public and private venues and facilities.

Early stage trial devices are currently advancing to prototypes slated for pilot use in a number of Canadian and US facilities by year end.

Sales orders are anticipated to commence in mid-2017. Patriot One has further entered into agreements with certain law enforcement partners in order to collect weapons signature data for use in the Company’s rapidly growing proprietary NForce weapons detection library.


Designed for cost-effective deployment in weapon-restricted buildings and facilities, NForce CMR1000 can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises – effectively combatting active shooter threats before they occur.

Patriot One’s motto Deter, Detect and Defend is based on the belief that widespread use of its technology will act as an effective deterrent, thereby diminishing the epidemic phenomena of active shooters across the nation.