PlateSmart to Showcase Bus Intel Tool for ALPR at ISC West (Video)

PlateSmart®, the recognized industry leader in vehicle identification and video analytics technologies driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and two time Winner of the 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, will be exhibiting its business intelligence solution at 2017 ISC West.

PlateSmart will be joining integration partners Milestone and Pelco in showing conference attendees what 2017 has in store for this cutting-edge technology.

(ARES by PlateSmart is the industry’s leading software-only ALPR and video analytics solution, which means that it doesn’t need dedicated processing hardware to run, unlike competing products. Courtesy of ARES and YouTube)

Among the innovations PlateSmart will be debuting this year is ARES Insight, the company’s latest solution for business intelligence and forensic information gathering and presentation based on vehicle identification data.

ARES Insight uses vehicle identification information to produce real-world, real-time actionable intelligence for city surveillance and other law enforcement and security purposes.

Moreover, it offers analytic capabilities previously unavailable in ALPR solutions, such as the ability to plot geographic locations of identified vehicles on a “heat map,” enabling city officials to intelligently deploy law enforcement resources when and where they are most needed.

PlateSmart ARES

Additionally, because of its open architecture, ARES Insight can collect and analyze other types of data besides vehicle identifiers.

ARES Insight is the first true business intelligence-centric application driven by vehicle information and features a visually-intensive, real-time, intuitive user interface powered by PlateSmart’s exclusive AI.

The unveiling of ARES Insight is proof positive that PlateSmart leads the industry in AI-driven vehicle identification and analytics solutions for fixed-location cameras. The technology is in use in a wide variety of applications, from citywide surveillance systems to nationwide commercial deployments for retailers.

PlateSmart continues to push the boundaries of how to use and interact with vehicle data to enable both security agencies and commercial users to better serve their clients.

John Chigos, CEO & Founder, PlateSmart Technologies
John Chigos, CEO & Founder, PlateSmart Technologies

Security agencies benefit from enhanced situational awareness, while commercial users can experience reduced loss through theft and the lower overhead costs and insurance premiums that go with them.

“ISC West is an exciting show for us every year,” said PlateSmart CEO John Chigos.

“We’re looking forward to meeting with the biggest players in the industry and showing them our newest best-of-breed vehicle identification and analytics solutions.”

“We’re particularly pleased to be joining Milestone and Pelco, two companies who are consistently at the top of the game in security, to bring these groundbreaking developments to Las Vegas.”

PlateSmart will be co-exhibiting with Milestone in Booth #18053 and Pelco in Booth #10037.

PlateSmart Technologies has developed the world’s first software-only vehicle identification and video analytic solutions, which are compatible with both state-of-the-art and legacy cameras.

PlateSmartPlateSmart offers both mobile and fixed-location solutions, which are designed either to function as stand-alone tools or to integrate with third-party software and hardware.

ARES, PlateSmart’s enterprise solution, provides real-time actionable intelligence with license plate number, state jurisdiction, and vehicle make recognition for complete situational awareness. PlateSmart’s solutions are the recipients of multiple industry awards for excellence in security technology.