QNA to Integrate MPU5 Radios into Family of UGV (Video)

QinetiQ North America (QNA), has entered into a long-term agreement to offer for integration, Persistent’s MANET radio products into QNA’s TALON® and Dragon Runner® ground robots.

The MANET relay radio can connect QNA’s ground robot family with a reliable, high throughput, and long range MANET communication system that is self-forming, self-healing, and scalable.

QNA tactical robots equipped with Wave Relay® provide:

  • Increased operational range and throughput in urban and subterranean environments
  • Multiple Real-time HD video feeds to the operator from all robots within the MANET
  • The ability for a tactical team wearing MPU5 radio systems to receive video and sensor data from the UGV in real time, increasing situational awareness and operational effectiveness.

(The Dragon Runner 10 (DR-10) Micro Unmanned DR10_smGround Vehicle (MUGV) is a modular, lightweight, compact, multi-mission remote platform developed for supporting small unit dismounted operations. Courtesy of QinetiQ NA and YouTube)

“QinetiQ North America has a long history of delivering the most cutting edge systems, sensors, and capabilities on our family of ground robots,” said Jeff Yorsz, President of QinetiQ North America.

“Persistent’s MANET relay radio products can significantly increase the communication range enabling the robot operator to perform dangerous missions at much greater distances. At the end of the day, everything we do is about keeping our soldiers safe.”

(See Persistent Systems Wave Relay Testing, courtesy of Persistent Systems and YouTube)

Dr. Herbert Rubens, CEO of Persistent Systems, offered a similar perspective.
“Our agreement with QinetiQ North America brings us closer to achieving our vision of a fully networked battlefield. The Wave Relay® MANET also lays the groundwork for autonomous and collaborative behaviors that will dominate the battlefield of the future.”
“We are excited to work with QNA to deliver the most cutting edge technology to the warfighter.”
QNA has begun accepting orders for MPU5-equipped Talon V systems.

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Persistent Systems, is a global communications technology company which develops, manufactures, and integrates a patented and secure Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) system: Wave Relay®.

The company’s industry leading R&D team has designed wireless networking protocols to support their cutting edge Wave Relay® system and technology, which is capable of running data, video, voice and other applications under the most difficult and unpredictable conditions.

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Their suite of products is field proven and utilized in Commercial, Military, Government, Industrial, Agriculture, Robotics, and Unmanned System markets.