Rave Bolsters Life Saving Footprint in 2016 (See How – Video)

Homicides to Heart Attacks: Rave Mobile Safety provides the leading critical communication and data platform trusted to help save lives. (Image Credit: Rave Mobile Safety)
Homicides to Heart Attacks: Rave Mobile Safety provides the leading critical communication and data platform trusted to help save lives. (Image Credit: Rave Mobile Safety)

Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), has announced a number of 2016 key milestones that enabled customers to prepare better, act faster and save lives.

Highlights include, record customer growth, continued industry leading customer retention rates and key strategic partner announcements, and most importantly, lives positively impacted.

“In a year with growing threats and increased violence, our customers leveraged Rave’s platform to enhance preparedness and protection,” said Tom Axbey, president and CEO of Rave Mobile Safety.

“It’s more important than ever for organizations to have the technology and plans in place should an emergency occur. Rave is continually innovating to help prevent emergencies and we expect to bring even more lifesaving results in 2017 for the institutions using our solutions.”

(The impact of Rave Mobile Safety technology in 60 Seconds. Find out how Rave’s revolutionary safety technology can help keep your people safe. Courtesy of Rave Mobile Safety and YouTube)

Record Client Growth

For the 21st consecutive quarter, Rave achieved record growth with hundreds of new customers representing more than 1,000 unique deployments across state & local agencies, corporations, critical infrastructure, K-12 districts and higher education.

Furthermore, Rave continued to expand its diverse client roster.

For example, Nassau County, New York expanded on its relationship with Rave by electing to deploy Rave Panic Button as a key part of its safety and response infrastructure for protecting all of the county’s schools and critical infrastructure.

(Rave Panic Button Alerts Teachers to Gun on Campus. Courtesy of Rave Mobile Safety and YouTube)

Additionally, following successful deployments in dozens of 9-1-1 centers, Michigan made Smart911 available to every 9-1-1 center across the Great Lakes State.

Among hundreds of others, new and expanded relationships also include Licking County, OH, Boone County, MO, Montgomery County, PA, Erlanger Health System, University of Alabama, and Santa Fe College.

Supporting this growth, Rave delivered more than 400 million emergency notifications. Additionally, the organization processed more than 25 million 9-1-1 calls enabling emergency responders to rapidly locate callers to save victims encountering medical emergencies, home invasions, and incidents of domestic violence.

Strategic Partner Growth

Rave’s market growth and footprint was highlighted by new strategic partnerships with Intermedix, a global leader in cloud-based emergency management solutions, Mutualink, a leader in worldwide interoperability solutions for public safety and Intralogic Solutions, a provider of security technologies.

Each partnership resulted in deep integrations, driven by customer demands and significant client traction and success.

(At the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, they also use the phrase run, hide, and fight. But an app called “RAVE” allows students to make contact with campus police during any actual shooting or other emergency. Courtesy of Rave Mobile Safety and YouTube)

Product Innovation

During 2016, Rave continued to expand upon its lead in providing innovative public safety technology.

From Rave Command View which enhances situational awareness and provides a common operating picture shared between 9-1-1 and responding agencies, to Rave Analytics which enables 9-1-1 centers to analyze call patterns to improve staffing and other operational decisions.

In recognition of continued innovation, Rave garnered four new patents in 2016 covering mobile smartphone safety apps, delivering data to 9-1-1 and enhancing emergency communications.

Additionally, Rave’s products were touted by third parties as among some of the best safety and security applications in the world. Highlights include:

  • Campus Technology 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards, “Gold Award” for Rave Alert
  • Business Intelligence Group, “Big Innovation Award” for Smart911
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act’s “Approved Technologies List”
  • GSN Homeland Security Awards, “Best Lockdown and 9-1-1 Notification in Active Shooter Situations” for Rave Panic Button

(Learn About Smart911, Now in Camden County, New Jersey. Courtesy of Rave Mobile Safety and YouTube)

Saving Lives

From helping facilitate a rapid and effective response to active assailants and shooters at colleges and universities, ensuring faster and informed aid to heart attack victims or enabling proactive reporting and engagement of employees on work place violence or human resources issues, Rave was involved in assisting agencies to respond to everything from large scale disasters to individual incidents and assisted in saving countless lives throughout 2016.

Rave Mobile Safety

Examples of how Rave’s revolutionary safety technology impacts public safety can be can be found on the recently updated website.