RRA Offers Vetting Solution for Refugee Screening (Video)

California tech innovator AC Global Risk has announced that its new technology, Remote Risk Assessment (RRA®), is now available for screening of refugees entering the United States, Europe, and elsewhere to identify those refugees who pose potential security and terrorism threats.

A projected 110,000 refugees will enter the United States in 2017, requiring a new paradigm in vetting procedures, referred to by many as “extreme vetting.”

RRA technology provides an evaluation platform that enhances human capabilities to determine risk factors and threat levels for any individual seeking refuge in a new country.

By utilizing advanced, accurate and highly scalable voice analysis technology, it’s possible to screen thousands of individuals simultaneously using the RRA mobile, on-site, or call center solutions.

(Learn More about Remote Risk Assessment (RRA), courtesy of Alexander Martin and YouTube)

AC Global Risk is revolutionizing the field of risk assessment and vetting, which has been dominated by outdated, ineffective methods for the past 50 years.

Effective vetting of refugees has recently become a topic of interest in both the government and private sectors.

Studies have proven even the best interviewers are only about 40% – 50% accurate in identifying individuals who present specific security risk factors.

Further, ineffective screening methodologies have created security gaps that are being exploited by terrorist organizations.

“RRA is the solution for the monumental refugee crisis the US and other countries are currently experiencing,” emphasized CEO Alex Martin.

“Many who claim to be security experts believe effective vetting of refugees cannot be accomplished; however, based upon extensive use of RRA in test markets we have proven it is highly accurate, scalable, cost-effective, and capable of high throughput.”

“In short, RRA is a new risk assessment technology in a class of its own.”

RRA combines advanced voice technologies and proprietary analytical processes to assess the risk levels of individuals with unknown loyalties, such as refugees and visa applicants.

The RRA interview process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

The interviews are 100% automated and the system can evaluate hundreds to thousands of individuals per day.

Additionally, RRA is designed to ensure confidentiality while being unbiased, secure, cost effective, and providing immediate results at accuracy levels of greater than 95%.

AC Global Risk

“We are wildly excited for the global launch of our technology,” says Mr. Martin.

“It’s been years in the making and we are now ready to tackle one of the most serious and difficult security and counter-terrorism problems of our time.”

“Bringing RRA to the global market to bridge the ‘Trust Gap’ marks a pivotal transformation in how risk will be managed across all industries.”

“There are those moments in the technology space when you experience a new product and you know the equation has changed…this is one of those moments.”

In 2006, our technologies’ inventor was a member of a task force charged to solve the problem of vetting 700,000 Mexican Police after it was feared they were infiltrated by drug cartels and other criminal organizations.

There was simply no way to accomplish this unless a new technology was invented that could securely and accurately screen massive volumes of people simultaneously.

After several years of research, development, testing, and fine-tuning, the Remote Risk Assessment (RRA) system was deployed in Mexico and has obtained significant results for all risk assessment applications undertaken to date.

Building on that success, we looked at the available risk assessment technologies in both government and enterprise and saw that current risk management solutions used in screening and fraud detection operations were costly, time and labor intensive, imprecise, open to manipulation and unreliable.

AC Global Risk

Background checks, in countries where they exist, are incapable of identifying people who have committed crimes but have not been caught or have lied during the application process. Fingerprinting is similarly limited in nature.

Polygraph and other psychological testing are highly inaccurate and expensive. Conventional voice stress analysis, while an effective, accurate and proven technology, is not designed for high volume screening operations.

To solve this problem, the Streaming Risk Assessment (SRA) was created to better serve enterprise needs and the Remote Risk Assessment (RRA) was further refined, including the creation of a mobile system capable of conducting risk assessments anywhere in the world supervised by our fly-away teams of special operators to best meet the needs of both government and enterprise.

We saw a need for a different kind of risk assessment technology, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to deploy it. That’s why we founded AC Global Risk.

You can learn more about the RRA system by visiting www.acglobalrisk.com. For further details, AC Global Risk can be contacted directly by email at info@acglobalrisk.com.