Safeguarding People & Places in a Mobile World (Multi-Video)

Mobile devices are changing how people access hotel rooms, office buildings and even their homes. 

At the forefront of the movement to make security products more accessible on the go, brands like Lenel and Interlogix are delivering innovative mobile solutions that add to end-user convenience, safety and security.  

Lenel, Interlogix, Supra and Onity are part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Jurgen Timperman, president, global security products, UTC Climate, Controls & Security
Jurgen Timperman, president, global security products, UTC Climate, Controls & Security

“We are continually looking to deliver innovative products based on key trends we see in the industry,” said Jurgen Timperman, president, global security products, UTC Climate, Controls & Security.

“We are moving from protecting people within four walls to protecting people wherever they are, as well as responding to the growing need for users to have real-time access to their systems through their smart devices.”

For almost two decades, UTC brands have provided cutting edge, cloud-based solutions for keyless access. In real estate alone, the Supra business has an installed base of more than 2 million Bluetooth keyboxes in North America.

In hospitality, Onity’s DirectKey™ technology is deployed at thousands of hotel rooms. The cloud-based system allows hotel guests to bypass the front desk by securely downloading their room keys to their smartphones.

(The Onity solution uses a proven technology platform to provide a cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use mobile key system. Guests can unlock their door easily with the press of a button on the hotel app. Courtesy of UTC Climate, Controls & Security and YouTube)

The mobile key credentials along with Bluetooth hardware modules in door locks provide easy, secure access to the guest room and other access-controlled areas on the hotel property.

Ron Virden, managing director, global access solutions, Lenel
Ron Virden, managing director, global access solutions, Lenel

“Now we’re taking our mobile technology across the portfolio,” said Ron Virden, managing director, global access solutions, UTC Climate, Controls & Security.

“With the recently introduced BlueDiamond™ mobile credentials and readers for Lenel systems, we can provide customers mobile credentialing for enterprise-wide commercial applications.”

Integrated into the OnGuard® 7.3 platform, the new BlueDiamond mobile ecosystem is a complete cloud-based service with a smartphone app and Bluetooth readers.

Credentials are activated by email and the smartphone app detects the readers when nearby while the access control system authorizes or denies entry based on current access rights. An add-on version of the reader can provide Bluetooth capability to most existing readers.

(Learn More, courtesy of Lenel, Communications Engineering Company and YouTube)

“Smartphones reduce the need for employee access cards, diminishing the cost and security concerns that go along with plastic badges,” Virden said.

“They also provide an added layer of identification when device PIN codes or biometric verification are enabled.”

And, rather than use a dedicated badging station equipped with a computer, camera and card printer, the new OnGuard credentials module allows administrators to onboard a new employee, take their photo, and issue a mobile credential to their phone – all from a tablet while being out of their office.

“We’re taking mobile solutions even one step further by aligning with Everbridge and AlertEnterprise to offer a total on-premise and off-premise security solution – protecting people wherever they are, and whatever situation they are in,” said Virden.

Other ways the company is offering convenience to consumers is through its latest smart home offerings.

(The UltraSync™ SmartHome system delivers convenient home automation that’s perfectly in sync with your needs. Courtesy of Interlogix and YouTube)

The UltraSync™ SmartHome system from Interlogix allows homeowners to lock and unlock doors, arm and disarm a security system, control lights, thermostats and appliances or view live and recorded video – all from their smart device.

UTC Climate, Controls & Security“Our mobile technology is expanding the ways professionals interact with and protect their smart buildings; and the way families control and secure their smart homes,” said Timperman.

“It’s part of our constant dedication to innovate and make the world a safer and more convenient place to live.”