SafeNet Launches New Cryptographic Key Mgmt for US Government

SafeNet Assured Technologies, has released its latest cryptographic key management solution, KeySecure for Government – which is manufactured, sold, and supported in the U.S. exclusively by SafeNet Assured Technologies.

KeySecure for Government manages cryptographic keys and associated policies for a broad range of data-at-rest encryption solutions.

This cryptographic key management system can be deployed across physical, virtual, or public cloud environments.

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Developed for U.S. Government use, KeySecure for Government centrally manages and consolidates cryptographic keys from multiple, disparate encryption platforms.

It offers centralized key management capabilities for a wide variety of third-party solutions including:

  • Backup Media and Storage
  • Cloud Encryption Gateways
  • Cloud Services
  • Database Encryption
  • Disk and File Encryption
  • Big Data
  • Storage and Archive

KeySecure for Government also integrates with Gemalto’s SafeNet data-at-rest encryption solutions to create a holistic data encryption environment.

When deployed with Gemalto’s solutions, KeySecure for Government both manages the cryptographic key lifecycle and provides centralized, high performance cryptographic operations.

KeySecure for Government
Image Credit: SafeNet Assured Technologies

“Cryptographic key management system is a critical component of a robust encryption architecture” says Kirk Spring, President, SafeNet Assured Technologies.

“Encryption is often the last line of defense in data security. However, encrypted data is only as secure as the system managing the cryptographic keys generated by the encryption process” says Spring.

“As organizations deploy numerous siloed encryption solutions, the number of associated cryptographic keys and key stores grow exponentially. Security teams struggle with the administrative effort required to manage not only encryption deployments, but also the associated key lifecycle operations” says Spring.

Derived from Gemalto industry-leading technology, KeySecure for Government is available as either a hardware appliance or virtual appliance. KeySecure for Government supports a hardware root of trust utilizing a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 or 3 Luna for Government hardware security module (HSM).

KeySecure for Government virtual appliance supports deployments with VMWare and AWS U.S. federal and commercial regions. The virtual appliance integrates with a HSM for best-in-class security.

The HSM can be co-located with the virtual appliance or operated in a hybrid environment where the virtual appliance runs in the cloud while the HSM is located on the customer premise.

SafeNet Assured Technologies

SafeNet Assured Technologies, protects the U.S. Federal Government’s most sensitive information systems.

As a U.S. based company, SafeNet Assured Technologies’ mission is to provide high assurance data security products and technologies to the Federal Government.

Defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies trust SafeNet Assured Technologies to provide encryption-based identity and authentication solutions, secure sensitive data and networks, and enable assured information sharing.