Salient CRGT on Digital Transformation in Gov’t at MuleSoft (Learn More, Video)

Salient CRGT’s Chief Strategist for IT Transformation John Edgar participated in an interactive panel discussion at the MuleSoft Summit, Washington D.C. on June 8, to discuss how to create an API-led architecture in which systems can seamlessly interact with one another.

The MuleSoft Summit provided technical and business leaders at commercial and federal organizations with valuable insights and best practices for building and rapidly scaling application networks.

With an application network, IT assets become pluggable and reusable, enabling organizations to leverage existing and new technologies to drive innovation and agility at scale, launch new products and revenue opportunities, and more quickly respond to changes in the market.

(See a quick overview of what MuleSoft does and learn about MuleSoft’s solution to a $400B IT problem. Courtesy of MuleSoft and YouTube)

Panel discussions focused on how an API-led connectivity approach can provide government IT teams agility without compromising security or control.

Edgar participated in the panel with Uri Sarid, Chief Technology Officer at MuleSoft.

Chris Aherne, Regional Vice President, Federal, MuleSoft

“Consumer expectations are driving the need for modern capabilities in government services,” said Chris Aherne, Regional Vice President, Federal, MuleSoft.

“By creating a network of applications, data and devices connected through APIs, agencies can leverage existing and new technologies to improve citizen experiences and drive agility at scale.”

“Federal agencies need to increase their speed of modernization, but are generally limited by legacy technologies and constrained budgets,” said Edgar.

“Adoption of modern technologies that can isolate and circumvent the limitations of legacy environments and allow focus on delivering new functionality is a proven method of providing better customer experience, while also increasing security and efficiency.”

Uri Sarid, Chief Technology Officer at MuleSoft
Uri Sarid, Chief Technology Officer at MuleSoft

Sarid and Edgar further discussed how application networks can improve an agency’s data security protections while at the same time enhancing the speed of access to that data through the API controls.

This enables agencies to deliver faster service while building an infrastructure to increase productivity and enhance security.

The seamless connectivity that is becoming commonplace in commercial offerings is increasing citizen expectations of government agencies.

(The Anypoint Platform™ is a complete solution for API-led connectivity that helps companies build application networks of apps, data, and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud.

As the government follows the lead of the private sector and seeks to create better experiences for their customers – its citizens – this type of seamless interaction will save time, provide convenience, create more customer choices, and ultimately drive down costs by creating more efficiency.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ is built to meet the needs of both digital transformation and legacy modernization initiatives in the public sector.

Six of the top 10 largest U.S. federal agencies use Anypoint Platform™ to increase IT agility and accelerate project delivery without compromising security.

MuleSoft’s public sector customers include the Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, Department of the Treasury, Federal Communications Commission and State of Colorado.

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