SCSO Selects Web Based Roster Mgt Solution (Learn More – Video)

ClockIt-Online, a Belgium based provider of employee scheduling and time and attendance solutions, has been selected the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) selected as their roster management solution.

This easy to use, complete, web based system allows management and employees to access and submit information in real time, from anywhere.

The new roster management solution has helped the SCSO to increase overall efficiency levels by digitalizing the process of sharing and managing the team’s roster and having real time insights of team capacity and output.

Start sharing information with your team in less than 5 mintues.

The Commander’s requirements

Within the Office, Commander Steve Doran identified a need for an easy to use yet complete roster management solution, which would allow management and employees to have a clear view on who worked when, how many hours, in which shift and who’s on leave.

Commander Doran was convinced that a digital approach would be required, since he also wanted to be able to easily share duty rosters and send updates of roster changes in real time.

Commander Doran carried out an extensive online search and decided that was the best fit.

“I looked at other packages as well”, Doran says. “What initially drove us to ClockIt-Online, is the fact that they offer a web based system, which allows anyone to access it from anywhere.”

“It can easily be pulled up as a web page, even if our staff is on the road. Initially, that was the lure of it. But what really helped as well, is that ClockIt-Online has been great to work with.”

“The company has provided very good support. When we had a request for a specific view, ClockIt-Online acted immediately and fulfilled our requests for this functionality.”

(Tutorial on how to navigate through ClockIt-Online, courtesy of ClockIt and YouTube) Features

  • Online Employee Scheduling
    • Update the duty roster with just a few clicks
  • Share the Duty roster
    • Mail Notification, google calender, etc.
  • Schedule Meetings
    • Schedule a meeting, todo, meeting reminders, etc.
  • Request and Manage Leave
    • Request leave and management tools
  • Trade Shifts
    • Won’t be able to take on your shift? Trade it!
  • Time Clock In & Out Registration
    • Track the time your employees are on the job
  • Dashboard for Managers
    • Use the dashboards for a quick overview
  • Private Forum
    • Inform your staff and start a discussion

Providing real time insights and more autonomy to staff

The supervising staff of Sherburne County’s Sheriff’s Office finds two features particularly useful: immediate email notifications for time-off requests and the advanced logging capabilities, enabling them to have a comprehensive view of the hours worked per employee.

“Thanks to these real time insights, helped us to increase our efficiency.

Besides, we have been able to provide more autonomy to our staff. By implementing, we have been able to provide them with a platform for collaboration and discussions, leave requests are handled digitally and we can give them the freedom to trade shifts.” ’s ease of use is also a major advantage.

Says Commander Doran: “All our staff are working with It did not take them to long to get a good understanding of the solution. is easy to work with and everyone in Sherburne County’s Sheriff’s Office knows their way around it.”

“We don’t see ourselves leaving anytime soon.”

Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office

The Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) provides a wide range of public safety services to the county’s residents. The organization provides its service across the 431 square miles of Sherburne County.

Sherburne County Sheriff´s Office is led by Joel Brott, who took office on January 31, 2009. Sheriff Brott provides leadership to the citizens, businesses, and civic organizations of Sherburne County as their chief law enforcement officer.

Sheriff Brott has a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that provide excellent law enforcement services to those that live, work, or visit Sherburne County.

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