Securiport Key to Dismantling Illegal Migrant Trafficking to Europe

Securiport, the 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Program Platinum Award Winner for Best Identification Management Solution, was instrumental in Senegal’s Criminal Investigations Division Dismantling a Network Of Illegal Migrant Trafficking To Europe, according to media reports.

ASTOR platinumThe Criminal Investigations Division (DIC) of Senegal prevented a network of international migrant trafficking to Europe via the African nations of Gambia and Senegal utilizing to Securiport LLC’s innovative identification technologies. 

Sri Lankan businessman, K. Shree Tharan, 41 years old, was the head of the illegal network, and had enlisted several compatriots wishing to migrate to Europe by charging them an enormous amount before sending them to Senegal.

Those captured trying to emigrate will be handed over once to authorities in Banjul before being sent back to Dakar.

While this plot had succeeded in Sri Lanka, the operation was exposed by the DIC who infiltrated the network by aborting the journey of two Sri Lankans, arrested on May 27, at Dakar airport, with fake Malaysian passports.

It was reported by the Interpol system that the passports were declared stolen or lost.

After the brain behind the operation was apprehended, and with the search of his apartment in Dakar, several more Sri Lankan passports were uncovered.

The defendants were referred yesterday to the Dakar public prosecutor’s office, for association of criminals, usurpation of identity, and smuggling of migrants.

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