Security Threats, Risks and Trends in 2019 (Learn More, Multi-Video)

Expect more targeted IoT attacks and new nation-state threats in the coming year. (Courtesy of YouTube)
Expect more targeted IoT attacks and new nation-state threats in the coming year. (Courtesy of YouTube)

December 5, 2018 – In Breaking News – techradar – By Sam Curry

When it comes to cybersecurity risks and threats in 2019, attackers will do what they always do and follow the path of least resistance (least time, cost, and difficulty) to the biggest reward (money, payout yield, reach, best success rate).

For the last two decades, there have been some obvious vectors that always pay dividends, especially around the end user and compromising identity.

Phishing is still big because it works, and with so many mechanisms focused on compromise of identity, we should expect to see more targeted, focused spear-phishing.

(Learn More from Haiyan Song of Splunk, who says internet of things devices have changed the way we live, but have also opened up new attack surfaces for cybercrime. Courtesy of CNBC and YouTube. Posted on Nov 29, 2018.)

We’ve also seen rushes to firmware, printers, and routers, which will continue with more exploits of less used devices and the lack of hardware- derived security and good security hygiene.

This will be accompanied by revisiting the phone as an infection vector early in the year and then more IoT targeted attacks as those devices ramp up with little-to-no protection, providing opportunities to DDoS the world.

It’s important to note that IoT security needs to be beefed up out-of-the-box to avoid cyber and digital pollution for at least the next two decades.

Security risks and threats

IoT security

IoT will keep increasing exponentially. It will drive our current digital footprint 2X, 10X, and 100X; and…

(Learn More. The 2019 cybersecurity trends are forcing security leaders to approach cyber risk differently. Dr. Chris Pierson explains his cyber risk analogy. Courtesy of SecureWorld and YouTube. Posted on on Nov 29, 2018.)

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