See Genetec’s New Product Lineup for ISC West 2017 (Video & More)

Genetec, a leading provider of open architecture security and public safety solutions will unveil the latest version of Security Center, as well as a new retail intelligence application targeted to retail marketing and operations users at ISC West 2017, booth #28055.

Also featured will by their new collaborative case management solution, Genetec Clearance, designed to help manage the significant growth of multimedia data in the law enforcement and public security industries. 

Security Center 5.6

Key new features include an updated and modern HTML5-based web client, new security hardware integrations to SimonVoss electronic locks and the Mercury Security MS Bridge, and the ability to use license plates as access control credentials with the new AutoVu SharpV camera. 

(Security Center is Genetec’s unified security platform that seamlessly blends IP security surveillance systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your operations. Courtesy of Genetec and YouTube)

The company will showcase the latest capabilities of its Synergis access control system, part of its Security Center unified offering.

As a Mercury Security Platinum-Elite partner, Genetec now officially supports a new integration to the Mercury Security MS Bridge that allows organizations to economically migrate to an open and modern access control platform while protecting their existing investment.

Genetec will also introduce the AutoVu SharpV automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) camera which delivers unique physical access control capabilities when paired with the Synergis Cloud Link appliance.

AutoVu™ SharpV
AutoVu™ SharpV

Access to a facility through a gate can now be managed by granting or denying access based on vehicle license plates assigned to cardholders as credentials, along with detailed access rights and schedules.

In addition to controlling and monitoring peripheral access through the use of ALPR cameras as readers, organizations stand to benefit from additional insights provided by ALPR analytics. 

Retail Intelligence

Visitors will also be able to see the recently announced Genetec Retail Intelligence application.

Through real-time insights, retailers can unlock the intelligence that allows them to better understand consumers, make real-time informed decisions and increase both consumer engagement and in-store profitability.
Through real-time insights, retailers can unlock the intelligence that allows them to better understand consumers, make real-time informed decisions and increase both consumer engagement and in-store profitability.

The emergence of e-commerce, consumer connectivity and higher consumer expectations are changing retail dynamics.

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers that can cut through the noise and deliver a superior customer experience will win loyalty and increase their in-store conversions. Retailers that don’t have an intimate understanding of their shoppers will be at a disadvantage.

Designed to help marketing, operations and merchandising teams understand in-store shopper behavior, Genetec Retail Intelligence leverages existing security infrastructure investments to deliver powerful business insights.

Presented through an intuitive web dashboard, this new product gathers information and performance metrics across single or multiple store locations and deeply integrates with point of sale systems so that store traffic and conversion rates can be better understood and contextualized with a variety of other variables.

Through the insights it will deliver, Genetec Retail Intelligence ultimately helps retailers maximize staff and promotion effectiveness, drive traffic and customer intimacy, and increase store profitability. 

Genetec Clearance

Also on display will be Genetec Clearance, a collaborative case management system designed to speed up investigations by enabling organizations to collect, manage, and share any kind of multimedia evidence amongst a diverse group of stakeholders.

(Genetec Clearance – Collaborative Case Management, courtesy of Genetec and YouTube)

The increase in the amount of evidence gathered from surveillance systems, body cameras, and civilians can help solve crimes.

However, it also presents new challenges for the investigation process. With a case management system that facilitates collaboration between security departments, outside agencies, and the public, you can overcome these issues and speed up investigations in a cost efficient manner.

Genetec Clearance helps law enforcement officers, investigators, and security managers gather digital evidence from a variety of sources (such as Genetec Security Center and other video management systems, body-worn cameras, in-car video systems, and smartphone footage from bystanders and witnesses), and easily store, manage, review and share it from within a single application.

With a focus on easing collaboration between investigation stakeholders, the Genetec Clearance pricing model removes per-seat/per-user charges, and does away with billing surprises common on other evidence management platforms.


Genetec develops open-architecture software, hardware and cloud-based services for the physical security and public safety industry. Its flagship product, Security Center, unifies IP-based access control, video surveillance and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) into one platform.