SITA to Launch Community Cyber Threat Center (Learn More – Video)

The aviation industry is under increased pressure from cyberattacks that are growing in size and complexity.

To meet this challenge SITA is working with its members to develop the SITA Community Cyber Threat Center, with the aim of facilitating increased exchange of contextualized cyber threat intelligence between its members.

(Collaboration and data sharing are key to thwarting cyber threats, says Dave Ockwell-Jenner, SITA security expert. Courtesy of SITA and YouTube)

By sharing data and through collaboration, SITA aims to demonstrate the value that can be derived from actionable threat intelligence, supporting SITA’s contribution to the air transport community’s cyber defense activities.

Philippe-Emmanuel Maulion, Head of Corporate Information Security at SITA
“The air transport community is facing increased risk from cyberattack. SITA is working to support the industry to mitigate this threat through data sharing and greater collaboration and we need your help.” Philippe-Emmanuel Maulion, Head of Corporate Information Security at SITA

Such intelligence will be sourced from public and private industry collaborations, as well as analysis of air transport-specific threat hunting activities.

SITA has already shared several alerts with members of its Cybersecurity Working Group. This group includes Emirates, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Aéroports de Paris and JetBlue to name a few.

By joining SITA you too could participate in this group and help protect your business while building a stronger aviation community.

The Cyber Threat Center will be officially launched in 2017 and will be open to all SITA member organizations.

Contact to learn more.

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