Smarter Borders – Brexit and Beyond

The border management and security community is under immense pressure to adapt to contemporary external and internal pressures.

Ongoing crises such as the huge movement of overseas migrants from Africa and the Middle East and the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks on European soil are met with new and emerging issues, including the recent Brexit vote which has thrown existing border security doctrine under a veil of uncertainty.

In response to the urgent challenges and priorities facing members of this community, the 3rd Annual Smarter Borders Conference will be convening once more 21-23 November, in London.

Bringing together policymakers from across Europe and the US alongside leading industry figures who are at the forefront of ‘smarter borders’ technology, this event remains the foremost forum for the international borders network and delivers, year on year, an opportunity for established and emerging experts to source innovative solutions to complex problems.

Smarter Borders

This year Smarter Borders is welcoming its most esteemed speaker panel yet:

  • Sebahattin Öztürk, Deputy Interior Minister, Turkish Interior Ministry
  • Krum Garkov, Executive Director, eu-LISA
  • Robertus Rozenberg, Head of Information Systems for Borders and Security, Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs, European Commission
  • Dr Enrique Belda-Esplugues, Deputy Director General of Communications and Information Systems for Security, Spanish Ministry of the Interior
  • Kenneth Sava, Director, Trusted Traveller Programs, US Customs and Border Protection
  • Julien Coudray, Head of API/PNR, French Customs
  • Jiří Čelikovsky, Head of Schengen Cooperation, Czech Republic Ministry of the Interior

As the international gathering of border security experts and stakeholders, Smarter Borders 2016 will consider the operational and practical relationship between the UK & Europe alongside the huge shifts in European border protection strategy and programme implementation.

The challenge of unprecedented demographic trends, irregular migration patterns and the complexity of the geopolitical context in 2016 aligned with extensive technological developments in the implementations of “smart” border systems delivers an exciting and challenging background to the established forum for border security professionals from government, NGOs and the private sector.

Featuring policymakers from across the European continent and beyond, this year’s conference will aim to advance discussions across a whole range of issues, ensuring that we solve the crises of today and plan for the challenges of tomorrow.

Attend this year’s conference to:

  • Explore British and European insights on the impact of Brexit for border control and security
  • Engage with a wide cross-section of border security stakeholders from government, port-of-entry and carrier perspectives
  • Benefit from brand new discussion topics covering smart cargo management at the border, knowledge share between land/air/sea port-of-entry, Brexit and a focus day on coherent security and border control beyond the border
  • Contribute and be heard on the critical issues for border stakeholders in our most interactive agenda ever

Smarter Borders 2017 will also be hosting a closed-door invitation only roundtable, hosted by SITA and the Australian Government, on the morning of the conference Focus Day.

For a full speaker list, and more details on their respective presentations, please download the agenda at

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