SpotterRF to Provide Rapid Relief for Power Grid Perimeter Security (Video)

SpotterRF, the leader in low cost compact surveillance radar (CSR), and an ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Winner, has been selected by VTI Security, one of the largest independently owned security systems integrators in the U.S., as a sole source radar standard.

After rigorous testing, VTI Security now uses SpotterRF compact surveillance radar (CSR) for all CIP-014 electrical substation protection projects as defined by the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA).

“When we came across the SpotterRF solution it really fit everything that we were looking for,“ states Jerry Klapak, Senior Account Manager for VTI Security.

“It gave us the ability to use existing structures to mount the system while achieving improved perimeter protection over traditional systems. In addition to protecting the perimeter we could also be notified of imminent intrusions or casing of substations.”

(See SpotterRF continuously tracking a person for +95sec. The substation area is covered with 2 sensors model C20B, you may spot one of them in the beginning of the video, mounted at the corner of the small building. Axis basic PTZ-model, P5512-E is used for live video (active tracking). Despite the cluttered environment the tracking works flawlessly. Courtesy of Securify AB and YouTube)

One of VTI’s clients is a large electrical utility who was looking for a perimeter solution to meet the CIPA CIP-014 standards, a federal mandate that requires utilities to protect the perimeter of their critical substations.

They sought to augment or replace traditional fence protection systems such as fiber optics, microwave barriers, and video analytics, due to the tremendous amount of infrastructure and deployment costs of these existing traditional systems.

VTI did a cost analysis of several different technologies and solutions, and in just about every scenario SpotterRF was about a third or a quarter of the cost.

“It was such a substantial savings that, quite honestly, we looked at this as maybe too good to be true,” says Klapak.

The CSR system was put through a series of field deployment tests in an environment similar to a substation to test the range and responsiveness in different weather conditions.

Logan Harris, CEO for SpotterRF
Logan Harris, CEO for SpotterRF

Given high marks, it was moved into an actual substation where it passed all tests with “flying colors.”

It is now being rolled out to substations across the U.S.

“We are pleased to work with such an exceptional partner to provide protection for electric utility substations,” states SpotterRF CEO, Logan Harris.

“Utility companies appreciate our ability to rapidly address this challenge with a reliable, low cost solution for wide area threat mitigation.”


Using ground-based radar technology in combination with robust surveillance solutions and design ingenuity from forward-thinking integrators like VTI Security, SpotterRF has led the market in utility protection solutions – which also includes the rapidly deploy-able trailers shown above.

These trailers provide 360 degree intrusion coverage with automated video tracking of alarms.

The self-contained trailers have long life batteries that can be charged by 120VAC, solar power, and wind power and can remain autonomous from infrastructure power sources.

They include three radars on each trailer providing 5 acres of coverage and 360 degree coverage pattern with alarming capacity.  The camera is recorded on a local 4GB Network Video Recorder with a cellular modem to report alarms and send video upon alarm or to provide monitoring.

SpotterRF delivers its award-winning compact surveillance radar (CSR) systems through more than 60 strategic integrators to a global marketplace in 24 countries on six continents.

SpotterRF’s award-winning radar will be demonstrated at the upcoming MISPYCON (VTI booth #406).

VTI Security logoFor over 35 years, VTI has been called upon to design, install, and support a full range of advanced security technologies.

Our solutions and service in the utility, power, and energy arena have crossed all aspects of exploration, production, transportation, refining, and critical infrastructure.

Client engagements include operations in the Bakken, Powder River, Denver Basin, Niobrara, Permian, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, and both regionally & nationally for our power clients.

Safety qualifications and performance ratings are a key performance indicator of the kind of Trusted Business Partner our company is.

Documentation and program outlines supporting our performance are available through PIC Auditing, ISNetworld, the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).


SpotterRF provides protection beyond fences with the world’s most advanced Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) system for perimeter security and force protection.

Made in the USA and engineered for extreme conditions, SpotterRF technology is the most compact, lightweight, energy efficient, and cost-effective radar for elite warfighters and critical infrastructure requirements, such as electrical utilities.