Stop Hackers at the Gate with Thycotic Endpoint Privilege Mngt

Protect your keys to the kingdom with the most effective, affordable, and widely adopted privileged access management security solution for the enterprise.

Will Windows 10’s security controls keep malware from exploiting your endpoints?

Not without closing the gaps in Microsoft’s approach to privilege management and application control it won’t.

Head into a Windows 10 migration with your eyes open.

Gartner warns that Windows 10 does NOT have the capabilities to prevent risks associated with local user accounts.

Learn how relying solely on Windows 10’s fragmented and cumbersome security controls exposes your organization to risk, and steps to take to increase security during your Windows 10 migration.

Get ready for a successful and secure Windows 10 rollout

Thycotic, a Gold Award Winner in the ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, has released a new whitepaper, where they review the pros and cons of relying on Windows 10′ privilege management tools to protect the credentials that lure hackers.

(Learn More. Jacob Stucky, VP of Software Development at Thycotic, on enterprise-level privileged access management. How an attacker breaches networks today, what they are looking for, and the best steps to secure and prevent attacks. Courtesy of Thycotic and YouTube)

It the new whitepaper, you’ll learn how to plan ahead to implement a least privilege strategy for your endpoints that is easy to configure, manage and adopt.

Read the full report for details.

Keep Critical, High-Value Assets Safe with Multi-Layered Privileged Account Protection.

Thycotic Secret Server for Privileged Access Management

Protect your keys to the kingdom with the most effective, affordable, and widely adopted privileged access management security solution for the enterprise.

For organizations seeking top-level security without the complexity Secret Server is the fastest, easiest, scalable enterprise password management vault, at a competitive price.

(Learn More. 00:00 – Who is Thycotic & What is Thycotic Secret Server 03:26 – User Permissions and Role-Based Access 04:16 – Strong Authentication. Courtesy of Thycotic and YouTube)

Available On-Premise

  • You want to manage your Microsoft stack
  • You want to be installed and using Secret Server in 15 minutes
  • You want Enterprise features, including Service Account management, workflow approvals & enhanced monitoring

Available In Cloud

  • You don’t want to manage a Microsoft stack
  • You want fast, easy access for your team no matter where they are located
  • You want Professional Edition features, like password discover and rotation

Manage 1000’s of Enterprise Passwords, Centrally and Securely Store, Share, Change, Track & Audit Your Passwords


Manage & Organize

  • Create, share and automatically change enterprise passwords.
  • Assign user permissions at any level and track password usage with full audit reports.
  • Organize secrets in intuitive, nested folders and do it all through a simple, customizable dashboard.

Real-Time Management

  • Notify your team in real time when you change network passwords, craft your own Password Changers and customize your alerts.
  • Credentials are always up-to-date and you’ll know immediately when an administrator changes a password.

Seamless Integration

  • Get fast, convenient access with Active Directory integration and other excellent integration options.
  • RDP/PuTTY Launchers, iPhone, Android & Blackberry apps, Firefox extensions, CRM integration, Cisco and SIEM.
  • Plus you can import credentials from other applications, making startup seamless.

Top Level Security

  • Multiple top-level security features are essential for safe enterprise password management.
  • With Secret Server, you get them all:
    • AES 256 encryption
    • Two-factor authentication
    • 100-character passwords
    • Custom workflow approvals
    • Active session monitoring
    • SIEM integration and More!
  • Plus Thycotic’s unique DoubleLock.

Essential Compliance

  • Compliance mandates place considerable importance on enterprise password management.
  • Use Secret Server to help your organization reach SOX, PCI DSS, HIPPA, Basel II, MASS Regulation 201 CMR 17 compliance and More!
  • Check out Thycotic’s solutions for compliance and download their white papers.

Disaster Recovery

  • Should disaster strike, don’t worry.
  • Secret Server supports automatic database and ISS directory backups, as well as SQL database mirroring to create real-time backups of all stored data.
  • Need high availability and clustering? That’s available too.
  • And in an emergency, you can always “break the glass.”

Thycotic prevents cyberattacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints and controlling application access.

For example, IPC, a SUBWAY Franchisee Owned Org Relies on Thycotic Privileged Access Management Solutions to Help Protect Enterprise Class Network

Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC), the supply chain management company for Subway restaurants, is expanding its Thycotic Secret Server to consolidate, manage and protect privileged account access across its global network.

To manage the purchasing, distribution, and quality assurance for Subway restaurants in North America, IPC operates an enterprise IT network primarily utilizing the Windows platform and Active Directory.

Recently moving into a security devops engineer position at IPC, Rick Roca has been focusing on making the IT environment more secure through privileged account management and security with Thycotic Secret Server.

“While we had been using Secret Server for quite a while to store passwords,” Roca recalled, “we really wanted to expand our use of it as a privilege account management tool.”

He said Thycotic Secret Server software enables enterprises such as IPC to discover, store, secure and manage privileged account passwords with a single, centralized solution that’s “very simple and easy to use.”

“Discovering who has access to what servers is critical for us and I’m working with Thycotic professional services to develop an extensible discovery engine for us,” Roca noted.

“This helps us spot common passwords on machines, and really start hardening our security from a credential and privileged account standpoint.”

He mentioned automating the changing or regular rotation of passwords as a key benefit of Secret Server, “and the advanced features in session recording are priceless for troubleshooting.”

From Zero to Hero in Two Weeks

“We have expanded our use of Secret Server to further harden our environment,” Roca explained.

“Thycotic helps organizations remove local AD accounts from servers, manage access to privileged accounts, and add important security controls such as two-factor.”

“Each service on each server has its own independent password so even if one is compromised, an attacker can’t go anywhere,” Roca continued.

“And we implemented it in a matter of days—from zero to hero in two weeks.”

People who Constantly Go the Extra Mile

Roca also characterized Thycotic Secret Server technical support as “people who constantly go the extra mile to help you get things done, help you get problems solved and to really make sure you are successful…Whether it’s professional services, or just technical support for troubleshooting, the Thycotic team is always there to help.”

Jim Legg, CEO, Thycotic

Summing up IPC’s relationship with Thycotic, Roca said, “You’re not going to find a tool that brings more value in such a short amount of time, and with as little effort as Thycotic Secret Server.  Along with a price point that’s unbeatable.”

“We are pleased to have worked with IPC over the years to improve and expand their use of Thycotic Secret Server to secure and centralize their privileged account management,” said James Legg, Thycotic’s President and CEO.

“With privileged accounts a constant target for hackers, it’s critical that enterprises have easy, effective and affordable ways to more productively manage and secure their privileged accounts.”

Thycotic logoThycotic is one of the world’s fastest growing IT security companies because they provide customers with the freedom to choose cloud or on premise software solutions that are the easiest to implement and use in the industry, and serve more than 7,500 customers.

See how Thycotic Privilege Manager can help protect your endpoints from being exploited by hackers. Get a free 30-day trial.

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