Synack Crowd Security Intel Solution for Government (Learn More – Video)

Synack, winner of the government’s largest crowdsourced vulnerability discovery contract through the Department of Defense’s “Hack the Pentagon” program, today is launching Synack Government.

Synack is already Fortune 500 companies’ top choice for crowdsourced security testing, and this new line of business responds to mounting demand from federal, state, and local agencies for a government-dedicated solution.

Synack is now officially unveiling a tailored solution, Crowd Security Intelligence™ Federal, to provide an adversarial perspective on the security of agencies’ sensitive, mission-critical IT assets.

(See how the optimal pairing of man & machine benefits the enterprise. Courtesy of Synack and YouTube)

Today, Synack is also announcing the work they have been doing with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under a $2M contract to pioneer a model that proactively protects sensitive government and taxpayer data on the domain.

Honing the experience from these momentous wins with the IRS, DoD, and other state agencies, Crowd Security Intelligence™ Federal combines the human ingenuity and world-class talent of the Synack Red Team with the scalability of Hydra, the company’s advanced vulnerability intelligence platform.

Platform is our Vehicle, Researchers are our Engine
Platform is our Vehicle, Researchers are our Engine

The solution offers all of the vetting and tracking features that are a standard part of Synack’s core product, with the added management features that the government’s sensitive IT assets require.

With responsibility for processing $3 trillion in tax collections each year, the IRS proactively sought out innovative crowdsourced security providers that could offer an adversarial perspective on their IT assets to provide the most secure environment possible, without introducing any risk for the American taxpayers.

Ultimately, after a thorough market review and trial of Synack, the IRS awarded the $2M contract to Synack on a sole source basis, affirming that no other vendor could satisfy the IRS’s requirements.

Synack Government’s hacker-powered approach enables government agencies to scale quickly to find and fix vulnerabilities before adversaries exploit them.

Unlike bug bounty programs, Synack’s unique model consists of the most rigorous vetting and tracking in the industry, ensuring the customer has continuous visibility and management over all Synack Red Team activities. This transparency was a key differentiator for the IRS.

Jay Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of Synack
Jay Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of Synack

“We are excited to see vital government bodies, like the IRS and DoD, move even more quickly than many enterprises to implement our innovative crowdsourced security approach,” said Jay Kaplan, CEO and Co-Founder of Synack.

“As attackers and threats become more savvy, federal agencies are recognizing that advanced security is paramount. We’re rolling out our Synack Government solution to protect some of the most sensitive transactional data and mission-critical IT assets in the country.”

Synack kicks off its launch in Washington, D.C. talking about crowdsourced security at CyberCon 2016, where Mark Kuhr, CTO and co-founder of Synack, will address the growing number of government agencies looking to adopt this innovative approach to reducing their security risk.

Synack Government is being launched on the heels of recent initiatives driven by the U.S. government, including its largest cyber security budget request ever ($19 billion in FY17) and proposal for the $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund, which are highlighting the need for inventive, yet proven security solutions.

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Based in Redwood City, California, Synack is a security company revolutionizing how enterprises view cybersecurity: through a hacker’s eyes.

Synack’s private, managed crowdsourced security solution arms clients with hundreds of the world’s most skilled, highly vetted ethical hackers who provide a truly adversarial perspective of clients’ IT environments.

Synack’s confidential client base is comprised of some of the largest F500/G500 enterprise organizations across banking and financial services, healthcare, consumer goods and retail, manufacturing, technology and the U.S. Federal Government.