The Ten-Year Anniversary of the Disappearance of Robert Levinson

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of Robert Levinson’s disappearance from Kish Island, Iran. The United States remains unwavering in our commitment to bring him home.

Over the last decade his family has suffered from his absence, and our hearts go out to them on this and every day. We will not rest until the Levinson family is whole again.

Iran committed to cooperating with the United States to assist us in bringing Robert Levinson home and we call on Iran fulfill this commitment.

(Jan 18, 2016 – Levinson, a former FBI agent, disappeared more than eight years ago in Iran. He was working as a consultant for the CIA. Levinson is the longest-held American hostage ever. Courtesy of CBS This Morning and YouTube)

The FBI has offered a $5 million reward for any information that could lead to his safe return.

We call on anyone with information about this case to contact the FBI at or email the FBI at

Information will be kept confidential and can be provided anonymously.

(Sep 16, 2016 – With ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson missing in Iran, his family speaks with Erin Burnett, offering insight on the case and what they’ve been told by authorities Courtesy of CNN and YouTube)