Threat Sketch Joins DHS Cyber Intelligence Sharing Program

In 2017, Threat Sketch will begin to receive real-time cybersecurity intelligence information from the Department of Homeland Security that will complement and greatly expand the cyber crime statistics used to drive the flagship product, the Threat Sketch Risk Assessment.

“Joining this program is a significant step in our mission to put big-company tools, data, and expertise into the hands of millions of small businesses across the country,” said Rob Arnold, founder and CEO of Threat Sketch.

The Threat Sketch Risk Assessment is a high-level, methodical examination of cyber risk that combines industry cyber-crime statistics with a high-level profile of a potential target company to predict what types of cyber attacks are most likely to happen and estimate just how big the impact will be.

Rob Arnold, founder and CEO of Threat Sketch
Rob Arnold, founder and CEO of Threat Sketch

What makes this product unique is that it is designed for companies of 100 employees or fewer.

“I have worked in internet security and consulting for over 20 years, and during that time I saw that the steps taken by large companies to prepare for and protect their businesses from cyber crime were often out of reach for smaller companies, due to insurmountable costs and the demand on executives’ time,” Arnold said.

According to the non-profit organization National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small businesses suffering a major attack will be out of business within six months.

These statistics show exactly why it is crucial to be prepared. The Threat Sketch Risk Assessment is a short, online survey where participants provide information about their business.

This information is then analyzed through Threat Sketch’s proprietary system, using data from sources including the DHS, and the final result is a report that will help the business executive and IT team prioritize spending and security measures.

Threat Sketch“We understand that cybersecurity is a business problem first, and a technology problem second,” Arnold said.

Threat Sketch provides tools that enable small business owners and executives to evaluate and manage cyber security at a strategic level.

The executive team brings decades of IT, risk analysis, financial/economic and project management experience and expertise to provide tailored, strategic counsel to a wide variety of small business clients.