TORQ Defense Systems Takes Platinum in ‘ASTORS’ Awards

The new Rapid Response, LTEV by TORQ Defense Systems, has been recognized as “Best Emergency Vehicle” by the American Security Today (AST) 2016 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program, securing the Platinum Award.

Birmingham-based TORQ Defense System’s new Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), light tactical electric vehicle (LTEV) has been specifically designed for use by US law enforcement and government agencies.

This swift and silent multi-terrain vehicle was developed to further enhance the readiness of America’s first responders.

The TORQ LTEV enables a fully suited explosive ordnance disposal technician to rapidly deploy down range while easily transporting all the tools deemed necessary to identify, diagnose and disrupt suspected or real explosive devices.

The high-torque LTEV’s rugged design and unique off-road capabilities deliver light tactical mobility in often complex, high-threat, high-density urban areas.

“We designed this purpose-built LTEV with input from EOD and law enforcement industry experts as well as manufacturers of specialized EOD tools and products” said Rick D’Andrea, Director of Sales and Marketing.

ASTOR Platinum Award

“Our goal was to develop a highly capable tactical vehicle that can alleviate EOD technician fatigue and may also serve to reduce a first responders time-on-target.”

“I remember the day Rick D’Andrea first came in to my studio with ‘an idea’ that could possibly save lives,” explained Don Stewart, President of DSART.

“I have since had the pleasure of watching Rick’s passion, drive and enthusiasm for this project grow over the past 18 months as he took this idea, acted upon it, consulted with countless law enforcement agencies, EOD experts and EOD equipment manufacturers and then brought his vision for the EOD LTEV vehicle to life.”

“To date, EOD technicians have had to push, pull, drag, tow and/or carry all the tools and equipment needed to disrupt a  suspected explosive device.”

“The long walk to a target with all this equipment is done while wearing a hot and very heavy bomb suit.”

“Rick’s vision was no more complicated than to serve the as-yet unfilled need to:

a) Reduce EOD/first responder fatigue, and

b) Reduce a first responder’s “Time on Target” – which can save lives”

“A simple formula for such a much needed product and it is with great pleasure that I nominate TORQ Defense Systems.”

Custom transport capabilities have been fully incorporated within the EOD LTEV vehicle’s modular frame design to accept and carry a multitude of mission-critical and incident specific EOD tools deemed necessary to execute a render safe procedure.

The LTEV can also receive, tow and rapidly deploy a large vehicle bomb countermeasure system and this unique light tactical vehicle can be re-configured to serve specific agency needs including US Customs and Border Protection, HAZMAT, SWAT and more.

“The open design of this lightweight and stealthy task oriented vehicle easily lends itself to situational customization for a wide array of narrowly defined missions and applications” said TORQ Defense Systems President Steve Brown.

With a max speed of 30 mph, features include an overhead operator protection system, independent front and rear suspension, all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, 18 HP electric AC brushless motor, 450 Amp motor controller, 48-volt AGM battery bank.

The LTEV’s on-board charging system easily plugs in to any standard 110 electrical outlet.

For more information, please contact Rick D’Andrea, Director of Sales and Marketing at

TORQ Defense Systems designs, develops and manufactures swift response, light tactical multi-terrain vehicles for use by law enforcement agencies. U.S. PAT. NO. D739, 304S, is proudly made in the USA.

Congratulations to TORQ Defense Systems on becoming a Winner of the American Security Today’s Homeland Security Awards Program!

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