Total Response is Taking 911 Call Handling to the Next Level (Video)

Oldham County Central Dispatch in Kentucky, is enhancing their 911 call-handling capabilities with PowerPhone’s Total Response solution.

These latest improvements come from implementing Total Response CACH (Computer Aided Call Handling), a proven software solution that streamlines the 911 call-handling process by providing integrated response protocols and pre-arrival instructions that help guide dispatchers through each call.

Oldham County residents will notice improvements in call-handling consistency and streamlined processes.

Oldham County Central Dispatch has used Total Response to field medical calls for several years and this latest investment will extend the same service level to all emergency calls as needed.

Total Response CACH communicates with Oldham County Central Dispatch’s computer-aided dispatch system (Emergitech CAD) through an open API interface.

(Learn More about Total Response Computer Aided Call Handling. Courtesy of PowerPhone and YouTube)

In addition to technological streamlining, Total Response CACH offers stronger tools for:

  • Training
  • Call assessment
  • Supervisory administration
  • Report writing, and
  • The ability to include agency specific policies and procedures

Recent investments are part of Oldham County’s ongoing commitment to emergency call-handling quality by clearly documenting their standards, measuring overall compliance and implementing assessment procedures for ongoing improvement.

Implementation of Total Response CACH follows Oldham County Central Dispatch’s successful application for Kentucky grant funding last year.

Oldham County Central Dispatch staff have participated in certification training in both law enforcement and fire service dispatch to help prepare for the Total Response implementation.

Every staff member is now currently certified in all three dispatch disciplines:

  • Emergency Medical Dispatch
  • Law Enforcement Dispatch, and
  • Fire Service Dispatch

Oldham County Central Dispatch takes pride in being a proactive leader among Kentucky PSAPs for 911 call-handling operations and was one of the first adopters of Total Response in Kentucky.

Their next goals is to pursue Total Response Accreditation through PowerPhone.

PowerPhone Total Response logoPowerPhone is a leading provider of 911 call-handling solutions. PowerPhone’s Total Response solution ensures consistent call handling and focuses on YOUR agency’s standard of care.

As the first organization to develop integrated protocols for police, fire and emergency medical dispatch, PowerPhone has helped raise standards for 911 call handling throughout the world.