Tragedy Leads to Shooter Detection Adoption in Hospital Systems (Video)

As the world leader in gunshot detection technology, Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) continues to break through new vertical markets as their world class gunshot detection products are selected in the marketplace.

SDS has been chosen for a Healthcare System in the Northeast comprised of five hospitals and multiple facilities serving the region with outpatient laboratories, rehabilitation and surgical centers, independent and assisted living centers and skilled nursing facilities.

Viewed to be equal in importance to building safety as fire alarms, the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System has proven to be the industry’s premier solution for accurately detecting gunshots and providing precise location information to first responders and security professionals within a second of the first shot.

(Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System acts on real-time gunshot detection and alerting protocols, reducing response time and saving lives in the event of an active shooter incident. Courtesy of SDS and YouTube)

Based on the proven, military-grade capabilities of its sensors, its success during trials, its zero false alert history, and its inherent ease of integration, Guardian offers the most widely installed and accurate gunshot detection system available in the market.

Recent information released by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) has confirmed what most working in healthcare security have suspected for years — staff working in hospitals can and do experience much higher rates of workplace violence than individuals in other occupations.

This Healthcare System’s Executive Security Team is known to be very forward thinking in their approach to securing their facilities against the numerous threats that can happen at their hospitals and healthcare facilities on any given day.

After doing extensive research, The Guardian was determined to be “best in class” gunshot detection technology and is slated for installation in January 2017 by SDS’ Authorized Dealer Securitronics.

(Learn More, courtesy of News 6, Shooter Detection Systems and YouTube)

“During a recent presentation to the Metropolitan Health Security Director’s Association in New York, we watched a chilling surveillance video of a double-fatality shooting incident in a Florida hospital that shows healthcare workers running towards the sound of gunshots” said Christian Connors, CEO of Shooter Detection Systems.

Christian Connors, Shooter Detection Systems CEO

“I spoke to many healthcare security leaders that day who see tremendous value in the instant alerting gunshot detection provides,” said Connors.

“SDS will see a great amount of growth in the healthcare market in 2017.”

Shooter Detection Systems was developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Raytheon, SDS’ gunshot detection systems utilize the most advanced and proven shooter detection technologies available in the commercial market.

SDS is focused on saving lives through the use of proven, military grade technology designed by the world’s foremost scientists.

Shooter Detection Systems


The company’s technology is currently deployed in schools, healthcare facilities, Fortune 500 corporations, municipal buildings, court systems, major utilities, manufacturing plants, high-rise office buildings, with upcoming installations in airports, financial institutions, and government and private buildings.