TSA Approves Automated Screening Lane (Learn More, Multi-Video)

Vanderlande, along with integrated remote screening software partner, Optosecurity Corp., have been notified that their integrated Automated Screening Lane (ASL) system has been approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to proceed to airport operational deployments following successful completion of TSA’s integration assessment testing.

Vanderlande and Optosecurity’s ASL will be deployed for Operational Readiness Tests at U.S. Category-X airports this summer.

Vanderlande’s SCANNOJET and Optosecurity’s eVelocity have successfully passed TSA’s Innovation Task Force’s ASL assessment testing which identifies and supports new capabilities to improve security and address key operational challenges such as passenger wait times at airport checkpoints.

(Learn More about the Vanderlande SCANNOJET automated passenger checkpoint. Courtesy of Vanderlande and YouTube)

The approval makes the Vanderlande and Optosecurity solution available for selection by airport and airline carrier partners for deployment to airport operational assessments.

Andrew Manship, Vanderlande's Executive Vice President Airports
Andrew Manship, Vanderlande’s Executive Vice President Airports

“We’re excited to have received TSA approval for our ASL solution” says Vanderlande’s Executive Vice President Airports, Andrew Manship, “and we look forward to providing a new ASL option to US airports and airline carriers when upgrading their security checkpoints.

“We have every confidence in our SCANNOJET system, and due to its modular design and configuration the Vanderlande and Optosecurity solution delivers proven increases in passenger throughput, enhancements to security and reductions in operational costs at the checkpoint.”

“It will also significantly improve the passenger experience at airports.”

Nick Porter, Vanderlande's President Airports, North America
Nick Porter, Vanderlande’s President Airports, North America

“In addition to the unique design advantages of the SCANNOJET ASL, Vanderlande’s strategy is to focus on the entire solution,” added Nick Porter, Vanderlande’s President Airports, North America.

“We are debuting new innovations for fast installation and comprehensive service that will distinguish our solution above others, ensuring real benefits for Vanderlande’s US checkpoint customers, now and in the future.”

“Optosecurity’s eVelocity solution powers and enables the integration of Vanderlande’s SCANNOJET ASL and is another example of how we support our aviation security partners,” said Tim Mathews, Chief Executive Officer and President of Optosecurity.

“eVelocity is an agnostic solution that gives airports, airlines and regulators the ability to choose and integrate the best of breed checkpoint technologies. Importantly, we can now provide TSA with a proven remote screening solution and a common user interface to reduce overall training costs.”

(Brussels Airport was one of the very first airports to deploy eVelocity for remote screening of passenger cabin baggage. Since that time, a number of leading airports in Europe have followed suit and embarked on trials of eVelocity. Courtesy of Optosecurity and YouTube)

Vanderlande is the global market leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports, and in the parcel market. The company is also a leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses in the e-commerce, food retail and fashion sectors.

The company’s baggage handling systems move 3.7 billion pieces of luggage around the world per year, in other words 10.1 million per day. Its systems are active in 600 airports including 13 of the world’s top 20.  More than 39 million parcels are sorted by its systems every day, which have been installed for the world’s leading parcel companies.

Optosecurity’s eVelocity software suite was the world’s first solution specifically designed to support centralized image processing or remote screening of checkpoint operations; redefining airport security, business models and delivering concrete gains in efficiencies.

Optosecurity’s solutions and unparalleled expertise, support, and services have been deployed to over 170 checkpoint security lanes worldwide and have screened more than 100 million passengers to date.