Urbanova Uses Boon Edam Turnstiles for All its Lima Bldgs (See in Action)

Boon Edam, a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that the real estate company Urbanova has standardized on Boon Edam turnstiles for all its Lima, Peru buildings.

The real estate firm’s objective was to have an access control system that eases the control function for security guards with simple, robust equipment and a design consistent with the intended image of its buildings: solidity and modernity.

Urbanova is the real estate component company of Breca, a Peruvian corporate conglomerate with an international presence and of more than 100 years.

Founded by the Brescia-Cafferata family, Urbanova develops, manages, markets and operates urban projects dedicated to retail and prime office space. Urbanova is currently the leading real estate corporation in Peru, when it comes to the development of prime office buildings.

The office buildings developed by Urbanova represent leasable space of 146,000 square meters (1.57 million sq. ft.) distributed over 11 buildings. There are nine prime buildings and two type B buildings.

The prime locations are Torre Begonias (with a daily influx of about 2900 visitors), Pardo & Aliaga (3900 visitors), Cromo 332 (1000), Alto Caral (1600), Torre Trazo (900), Torre 1 and Torre 2 (both with 1000 users) and Torre del Arte and Torre del Parque, which will be inaugurated soon.

The type B properties are in Plaza del Sol, with 2200 users per day, and El Consorcio with an influx of about 700 users per day. All told, Boon Edam entrances manage more than 15,000 visitors per day.

(See the Speedlane 300 turnstiles in Action, courtesy of Boon Edam and YouTube)

“In our buildings we use Speedlane 300 turnstiles by Boon Edam, which we have been installed and integrated with Honeywell/Johnson Controls access control systems, to manage entry with access cards for our customers and visitors,” explained Giovanni Vitor Soares, Manager of Urbanova’s Office Business.

The relationship between Urbanova and Boon Edam began in 2013 with the installation of the first turnstiles at the Torre Begonias office, the most modern in Lima at that time, and the tallest building in the city (26 floors at 394 feet).

In buildings built since 2013, the Boon Edam solutions were installed right at the initial construction stage. In the older buildings (three total), existing systems were replaced by Boon Edam entrances.

“In all cases we have installed turnstiles, mostly all Speedlane 300 models, and currently Urbanova has 82 such turnstiles in all our projects,” said Soares.

Urbanova’s buildings are specially designed for use as first class corporate offices. Their buildings have LEED certifications, and are equipped with control centers monitoring the fire security system, CCTV, access control, and any trespassing in common areas, with surveillance personnel working 24 hours per day.

Robust, fast performance with a sophisticated design was required; it was also important that the entrances strike a balance between quality and cost, while at the same time providing local technical service

The company was looking for an access control system that was not based on traditional turnstiles, one that would allow every person access to its buildings (customers or visitors) by using an electronic card and requiring them to walk through the turnstiles.

Urbanova sought to standardize on a system that would have a physical barrier to block access to unidentified people.

To meet this goal, robust, fast performance with a sophisticated design was required; it was also important that the entrances strike a balance between quality and cost, while at the same time providing local technical service.

Given the large number of users, it was critical that the turnstiles operate in a highly reliable manner.

“The Boon Edam devices totally meet all of the mentioned requirements, therefore we chose them,” explained Giovanni.

According to Urbanova, the installation and integration with the access control systems were accomplished with relative ease.

Boon Edam

“The equipment is operating with a high level of performance and failures are rare,” said Giovanni. “As a result, where we are developing other building projects, we are considering the installation of these turnstiles.”

Currently, Urbanova is working on a project which integrates the Boon Edam turnstiles with the visitor control system to allow visitors access via a QR code sent to their mobile phone.

Per Soares, Boon Edam’s turnstiles have helped Urbanova reach its expected physical and operative security goals for all its buildings.