US Air Force Award for AWD Military Edition Motorcycles (See in Action)

Christini Technologies Inc. (CTI) has received an award from the US Air Force for the delivery of 54 CHRISTINI All Wheel Drive 450E Military Edition motorcycles. The award was the result of an open bidding process.

Christini has previously delivered All Wheel Drive motorcycles to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Border Patrol, UK military, UAE, Jordan, and other NATO forces.

(See the Christini AWD in Action, in Race Video from World Enduro with a testimonial from Polaris engineer Kyle Nelson. Courtesy of Steve Christini and YouTube)

“After rigorous testing and evaluation of our All Wheel Drive motorcycles by many different military units, Christini Technologies has emerged as the manufacturer providing the technology and capabilities required by the US Special Forces,” said Steve Christini, CEO of CTI.

Steve Christini, CEO of CTI
Steve Christini, CEO of CTI

“This significant Air Force order validates the safety and performance benefits our AWD motorcycle technology provides to riders of all skill levels.”

“The USAF had other options in conventional rear wheel drive machines, however, our AWD motorcycle better fit their needs for a safer and more capable motorcycle under the toughest of conditions.”

“We are pleased to be able to offer a technology that will help accomplish the USAF missions and look forward to continuing to grow our sales and presence as a preferred provider for the US military.”

Christini AWD is partnering with Tactical Mobility Training (TMT) of Fayetteville, NC for the off road motorcycle training as well as maintenance training for the USAF.

Over the past ten years, Tactical Mobility Training has trained SOF forces of the military for troops deploying to Afghanistan, Africa, and the Middle East using a wide range of mobility equipment.

To properly train our military, TMT sought to identify a platform that could traverse the same paths as horses and personnel; motorcycles were an obvious choice.

(Inside Motorcycles interviews Steve Christini of Christini All-Wheel Drive Motorcycles, who explains the technology in layman’s terms. Courtesy of Inside Motorcycles and YouTube)

After significant testing, and more than 200 troops riding the Christini AWD machines, TMT partnered with CTI to field a military grade motorcycle that was safer and more capable.

The result is a specialized training program that takes personnel through flat, sandy, urban, and mountainous terrain to prove that motorcycles are a game-changer on the battlefield.

Christini AWD 450E Military Edition Motorcycles
Christini AWD 450E Military Edition Motorcycles

The contract award comes after a very favorable article which appeared in the military news magazine ‘We Are The Mighty’ in which the CTI motorcycle was heralded as the best option for military use.

CHRISTINI AWD has been a pioneer in the design and development of AWD for motorcycles producing a product with an established history of commercial and racing success.

CHRISTINI’s patented AWD motorcycle technology features a durable rigid series of shafts and gears to power the front wheel.


The proprietary AWD system is entirely enclosed within the frame and head tube of the motorcycle and is extremely efficient, resulting in less than 1% power loss while adding less than 15 lbs total weight to the motorcycle.

Traction and safety in wet and treacherous terrain both on and off road are dramatically improved by AWD, enabling a broad range of riders to achieve performance levels far superior to a normal rear wheel drive motorcycle.