US DEA – Why We Fight by Ret DEA SAC Jeff Stamm, LIVE webcast

Why We Fight: Perspectives on the History of Drug Law Enforcement 

Presented by Retired DEA Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey B. Stamm, Executive Director, of the Midwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)

Thursday, April 27, 11:00 AM Eastern

DEA Museum HQ Auditorium with LIVE webcast on 

Courtesy of the DEA

Jeff Stamm is a 31-year veteran of DEA who retired after serving as the Special Agent in Charge of the Aviation Division, and is an amateur historian of America’s drug enforcement experiences beginning with the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914.

Mr. Stamm will provide his perspectives of our nation’s current global efforts to control the use and trafficking of illegal drugs, as well as countering some of the myths that have been put forth. 

With abundant examples drawn from his experiences on the job, his scholarship, and from the history of DEA, which he refers to as “the indispensable agency”, Mr. Stamm will speak on America’s current drug control policy.

To paraphrase Churchill, Mr. Stamm explains why America’s current drug control policy is the worst system ever devised by the wit of man –except for all the others!

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For more information, please contact the DEA Museum at 202-307-3463.