Utah Launches New Emergency Medical Services Website

The Utah Department of Health Division of Family Health and Preparedness has launched a newly redesigned website for the Bureau of Emergency Medical Service and Preparedness (BEMSP).

The BEMSP is the lead agency for Utah’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System.

Within the Utah EMS System, there are 93 licensed ground ambulance and paramedic rescue agencies and 54 designated quick response units providing various levels of pre-hospital care.

The website, is a source of information for Utah’s Emergency Medical Services, public health and medical preparedness and response community.

Visitors to the site can learn about upcoming training and read about news and articles related to professional issues.


Visitors can also:

  • Read from the resource archive
  • Apply for or renew licensing
  • Find hospitals and trauma centers

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utah department of health

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(Learn About Gov2Go, courtesy of NIC Inc. and YouTube)

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