Video Visits Help Families Contact with Incarcerated Loved Ones (Video)

The GTL VisitMe video visitation solution allows facilities to transition traditional in-person visitation service to a more secure on-premise or remote alternative. This highly scalable solution can help facilities improve security while reallocating staff time to more critical tasks.

GTL Video Visitation technology has spread rapidly across the corrections industry in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

With secure on premise and remote visitation service, GTL Video Visitation technology offers facilities a great deal of safety, security and control. 

Video Visitation allows facilities to provide inmate friends and family members with ease of use and an opportunity for more frequent contact with incarcerated loved ones, among other benefits. 

GTL Video Visitation technology can be particularly useful for small children who may be adversely affected by a visit to a corrections facility.

The experience of being shuffled around a crowded lobby full of strangers, going through metal detectors, and being patted down and forced to sit in a facility waiting room for long periods of time is not a pleasant one.

(Online registration, remote visitations for Douglas County jail. Courtesy of KETV NewsWatch 7 and YouTube)

Recently, the Douglas County Department of Corrections in Omaha, Nebraska, implemented GTL’s Video Visitation technology, including the online scheduling function of the solution. 

Facility corrections staff are reporting that the online scheduling function will reduce labor costs and increase convenience and safety for all parties inside the facility.

However, with remote Video Visitation, friends and family members, including children, can see and speak with an incarcerated loved one more often, and from the safety and convenience of their own home.

(Meet the inmates and corrections officers of Alameda County, CA. They have been amazed by the transformative power of the Inspire Tablet and you will be too. GTL’s Inspire Tablet is the most advanced corrections grade tablet available on the market today, but more importantly it offers facilities and inmates to make meaningful changes that reduce recidivism and increase inmate safety. Courtesy of GTL and YouTube)

Visitors can conveniently schedule visitations online or at a kiosk in the facility’s lobby at no cost. 

GTL schedule
As an integrated GTL product, the VisitMe Scheduler solution will aid in streamlining a facility’s daily operations.

“Adding the scheduling capability will help us enhance our operations as well as provide friends and family the ability to choose the time convenient for them to come to the jail for a visit,” said Dr. Mark Foxall, Director at the Douglas County Department of Corrections. 

GTL’s Video Visitation Service is beneficial for inmates as well as facilities.

“We found the more that inmates can interact with friends and family, the more successful they’re going to be for reentry back into society and throughout their incarceration,” said Amber Michalski, Administrative Services Manager at the Douglas County Department of Corrections.

The Video Visitation solution offered by GTL helps reduce recidivism by allowing inmates to maintain a vital connection to friends and family members making correctional facilities and the communities surrounding them a safer and better place to live.

GTL logoGTL is proud to work with corrections facilities like the Douglas County Department of Corrections to help create a calm, convenient and safe correctional ecosystem.

The success of GTL’s Video Visitation technology demonstrates a commitment to providing stellar service and cutting-edge technology to facilities of all sizes across the United States.

To learn more about GTL Video Visitation Technology or for a product demonstration contact GTL today.