WaveClock: Classic Nautical Tools Meet Modern Ocean Meas (Video)

For surfers, boaters, and ocean lovers, digital information about waves and tides is available via smart phones, tablets, and computers, but there’s nothing fun, natural nor beautiful about checking.

We created WaveClock to marry real-time digital information with old world ocean instrumentation to provide real-time ocean data in a piece of functional art launched this month on Kickstarter.

(Your source for real-time ocean wave and tide information from any location in the NOAA network. Courtesy of Craig Jones and YouTube)

The WaveClock is an intuitive, analog display of the ocean developed in Santa Cruz, California.

WaveClockIt queries real-time oceanographic databases to find the wave and tide information around the globe.

By linking to the NOAA buoy network through your WiFi network, the WaveClock shows you what’s happening using easy to read analog dials.

The WaveClock displays in real-time:

  • Wave height in feet
  • Wave period in seconds
  • Rising or falling tide height in feet

Why WaveClock?  

The WaveClock is designed to address your need for ocean information in a display of the latest information that can be seen at a glance.

The WaveClock is a beautiful piece of art that comes in a variety of styles to match the aesthetic of your space.

It shows information to plan your fishing trip, tide pooling, surf session… or simply to daydream about ocean adventures.

And, when you’re out, the WaveClock app gives you the same information on any digital device.

The WaveClock app allows you to easily select locations from a searchable list or map of the entire NOAA network.

The Kickstarter campaign brings the WaveClock beyond functional prototypes to a refined product and service.

We are collaborating with Wetfeet Photography, who is providing outstanding imagery and photography.

Ventana Surfboards & Supplies are also providing world renowned woodworking, style, and reclaimed materials embodying the values of craftsmanship responsibility, and adventure.

PPD Multimedia, has provided creative designs throughout the development of the WaveClock and continues to support and inspire the designs and graphics.

In the rewards, you’ll find standard and limited edition WaveClocks, Ventana’s custom wooden surfboards, and other unique equipment in the rewards.

We are proud to have excellent collaborators and to be able to offer such an amazing array of rewards.