AVA Revolutionizes Personal & Public Safety Using Artificial Intelligence

Following two years of highly secretive development, Berlin-based start-up AVA announces its artificial intelligence capable of calculating the statistical, current, and predictive safety and risk for any given location in real-time.

Monitoring mass volumes of data from multiple sources, AVA detects incident categories such as crime, terrorism, fire, natural forces, industrial disasters, or health-related risk.

“AVA is like meteorology for safety, laying the ground for new and world-changing solutions, unimaginable before,” said Sascha Knopp, CEO and Co-Founder of AVA, describing the patent-pending innovation.

AVA Data & Command Interface
AVA Data & Command Interface

“We deliver actionable information to monitor, manage, and improve the physical safety of individuals, things, buildings, organizations, locations, communities, and cities.”

AVA detects relevant events and incidents with unprecedented speed and accuracy, thanks to its deep learning algorithms.

Sascha Knopp, CEO and Co-Founder, AVA
Sascha Knopp, CEO and Co-Founder, AVA

Partners and customers access the safety and risk scores using cloud-based operation center interfaces, dedicated mobile applications or the universal data API.

That way, AVA can be integrated into all kind of solutions and systems, ranging from smart homes, connected cars, travel booking websites over underwriting processes at insurances to high-frequency trading platforms.

A specific innovation is the adaptive scoring. That way, for example, a luxury car might warn its owner who is about to park in an area with increased risk of vandalism or theft for this specific car brand.

But also individual users can leverage these capabilities by adding aspects such as gender, age, skin color, or orientation to their personal profiles.

This makes data protection and privacy a centerpiece within the strategy of the company:

AVA is one of the first big data companies, to fully comply with the world’s most strict EU (GDPR) regulations on data protection and privacy to be put in force mid-2018.

Working for more than two years in strict secrecy, AVA has only been collaborating with a few chosen partners and pilot customers:

Global insurances, two of the world’s leading cities and their public safety authorities as well with as a world-leading provider of integrated safety and security solutions serving public authorities, large corporations, and critical infrastructures.

“The perceived increase in crime, terrorism, natural disasters, epidemics, and crisis-related migration continues to fuel public anxiety at a global level,” said Aleksandar Stojanovic, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of AVA.

“At the same time, public authorities struggle to cope with increasing complexity, pressure and budget constraints. These trends led to unprecedented and still surging global demand for a new solution.”

“But it is only now, that the increase in data availability and decreasing cost of high-performance computing allowed for the implementation of a solution such as AVA.”

Aleksandar Stojanovic, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, AVA
Aleksandar Stojanovic, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, AVA

“With AVA there is now a unique, both global and local solution to tame this ever increasing complexity,” added Sascha Knopp.

In the upcoming months, the company focuses on implementing some larger pilot installations before starting routine business operations, providing direct data access through universal application programming interfaces and cloud-based turnkey interfaces for professionals, such as corporate safety and location security professionals, public safety authorities and smart cities.

Companies, organizations, developers, municipalities and public bodies that are interested in partnering with AVA can register on http://www.ava.info or send their request to connect@ava.info for early access.

Individual users can apply on https://ava.info/technology-overview/mobile-app-home/ for the beta ambassadors program and get early access to the family- and travel-shield mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

AVA monitors mass volumes of data from multiple sources to calculate a location safety and risk score.


Covering categories such as crime, fire, terrorism, natural and industrial disasters, defense, and health, the statistical, present and predictive risk for any given location is computed, in real-time.

As a result, AVA is capable of monitoring and assessing the safety and risk status of individuals, staff, buildings, mobile assets, and even entire organizations.

Contextual analysis personalizes alerts and advice based on attributes such as gender, age, nationality, and orientation.

Customers and partners access AVA’s adaptive scoring engines through universal application programming interfaces, cloud services for professionals, and mobile apps for individuals, families, and travelers.