Caliber’s PocketCop for iOS: Improving Situational Awareness

Caliber Public Safety (Caliber) provides unsurpassed Mobile solutions, which place real-time criminal and incident information into the hands of first responders via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The powerful software is built to provide immediate access to CJIS data sources including local, state, and NCIC sources, providing users with clear, actionable, parsed information from hundreds of agencies and resources to empower users at the point of contact.

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The current release of the PocketCop application for iOS devices adds significant new features and enhancements to the current solution including: automatic search on driver’s license barcodes via the devices camera, the ability to send and receive pictures and share device location via secure chat and unparalleled ability to control user access to application features via role-based security.

Caliber PocketCop for iOS version 10.8.1, with new enhanced functionality, became available in the Apple app store on November 1, 2016.

Additional features in the App release include enhanced map functionality and automatic resubmission of CJIS queries.

Caliber Public Safety

“The Caliber R&D team developed the PocketCop App to improve situational awareness, enhance officer safety and assist with the delivery of actionable data to first responder’s fingertips anywhere they carry a mobile device – especially when confronting situations in the field,” said Mark Mancuso, Vice President of Research and Development for Caliber Public Safety.

“Every feature in this application was developed to ensure that public safety is the number one priority. Let’s make sure officers don’t have to look away from a suspect when they run information.”

Caliber Public Safety delivers multiple product offerings, allowing clients to choose what works best for their individual agency.

Leveraging 100+ years of combined experience in the public safety industry, we build solutions to ensure that our clients manage and thrive in an increasingly challenging technological world.

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Caliber Public Safety offers enterprise solutions in the areas of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Software (RMS), Mobility Solutions, and Offender Management Solutions (OMS).

Through strategic partnerships we have expanded our scope and reach, positioning our business to provide innovative products for agencies of every size throughout the United States.