Canada Selects L3 WESCAM EO/IR Surveil Solutions (See in Action)

The demand for L3 WESCAM’ MX™-Series of electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) systems continues to grow within the Canadian market in support of critical surveillance missions operating both domestically and internationally.

Orders received over the past year for Canadian customers include contracts from Transport Canada, the Royal Canadian Air Force, PAL Aerospace and numerous policing agencies.

(L-3 WESCAM’s MX-10MS is a fully digital, high definition electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) imaging system engineered for maritime environments. The system supports up to 5 multi-sensor imaging and laser payload options. Courtesy of L-3 WESCAM and YouTube)

A range of L3 WESCAM EO/IR product capabilities will be showcased at CANSEC, Canada’s Global Defence and Security Trade Show, Booth 201, May 31–June 1, in Ottawa, Ontario.

Mike Greenley, President of L3 WESCAM
Mike Greenley, President of L3 WESCAM

“For more than four decades, L3 WESCAM’s EO/IR technology has provided the vital, real-time imaging intelligence that customers require for the detection, deterrence and control of illegal or hostile activity from both tactical and long-range standoff ranges,” said Mike Greenley, President of L3 WESCAM.

“Our technologies continue to transition air, land and maritime platforms into modernized variants with extraordinary visual capability, making them ideal for evolving mission portfolios across all segments of the defense and security marketplace.”

“Through robust Canadian R&D investment, L3 WESCAM remains well-positioned to further develop innovative imaging technologies and fully integrated system solutions for advanced air, land and maritime programs,” said Jeff Miller, President of L3’s Sensor Systems business segment.

“We are honored to work with hundreds of first-class Canadian partners and vendors in developing the critical EO/IR imaging technologies that are mission-proven and trusted on a global scale.”

PAL Aerospace Earlier this year, Canada’s PAL Aerospace awarded L3 WESCAM a first-time contract to supply its MX™-15 airborne sensor for the Bombardier DHC-8 multi-role surveillance aircraft.

(See the WESCAM’s MX-15. Fully Digital, High Definition, Multi-Sensor, Multi-Spectral Imaging System in a single LRU configuration. Courtesy of L-3 WESCAM and YouTube)

ISR missions for the platform will include maritime surveillance, fisheries patrol, environmental protection, search and rescue, and overland surveillance.

The MX-15 system will be configured L3 WESCAM Meets Canada’s Ongoing Demand for EO/IR Sensor Solutions Page 2 with leading sensor technologies, including a high-definition (HD) thermal imager, an HD color low-light imager, a dual-channel spotter and a wide-angle laser illuminator.

Courtesy of L3 WESCAM

The powerful imaging capabilities of L3 WESCAM’s airborne systems provide a faster, more powerful means to perform missions under various lighting conditions, in addition to haze, fog and other visual deterrents found in the Canadian domain.

Canadian Police Agency Support For many years, L3 WESCAM’s systems have been the EO/IR turret of choice by many leading Canadian Police agencies, including the York Regional Police and the Calgary Police Service.

In 2017, the Ottawa Police Service purchased an MX™-10 for its Cessna 206 aircraft, as did the Winnipeg Police Service for its EC120 helicopter and the Edmonton Police Service for its AS350.

(Learn More. Courtesy of L-3 WESCAM and YouTube)

Canadian Mission Support L3 WESCAM’s technologies support a vast portfolio of Canadian missions, including antisurface warfare; maritime and overland intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; and search and rescue.

Additionally, L3 WESCAM provides vital support to other government agencies in combating illegal immigration, fishing, polluting and drug trafficking, as well as assisting with disaster relief missions.

L3 WESCAMKey Canadian platforms fitted with L3 WESCAM’s EO/IR imaging systems include the CP-140 Aurora, CH-146 Griffon for the Ingress program, CH-147 Chinook for the Medium-Heavy Lift Helicopter (MHLH) program, Dash 8 for Transport Canada and Canadian-class Halifax ships for a portfolio of maritime activities.