Charleston Int’l Airport Selects Pivot3 to Modernize Operations (Multi-Video)

Charleston International Airport
Charleston International Airport recently marked the completion of an ambitious $200M upgrade project to modernize and expand the facility to meet increased passenger demand, which jumped nearly 70% since 2010.

Charleston International Airport (CHS) has standardized its IT security infrastructure utilizing Pivot3’s hyperconverged solutions, an ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award Winner.

ASTOR platinumCHS recently marked the completion of an ambitious upgrade project named the Terminal Redevelopment and Improvement Program.

The $200 million initiative was designed to expand and modernize the facility to meet increased passenger demand, which jumped nearly 70 percent since 2010.

The extensive rejuvenation project included a focus on an enhancement of the airport’s datacenter, security, surveillance and access control systems.

Additionally, it incorporated a transition away from a standalone server environment to a hyperconverged infrastructure approach.

(Pivot3 delivers the most comprehensive IT infrastructure solution to power the modern security and surveillance ecosystem. Courtesy of Pivot3 and YouTube)

CHS plans to add additional datacenter application workloads on the Pivot3 platform in the months ahead.

“It was imperative that we established a standardized infrastructure moving forward,” said Ira Campbell, Director of IT and Security, CHS.

“Following an in-depth analysis, it became evident that the airport would benefit from transitioning all of our security and datacenter components to run on Pivot3.”

“The ability to consolidate mixed workloads onto one infrastructure as well as the technology’s superior scalability and resilience were the primary reasons we selected Pivot3.”

Senator Paul G. Campbell Jr.
Senator Paul G. Campbell Jr.

“As the Charleston area continues to grow, the airport seeks new avenues for expansion and operational efficiency,” said Senator Paul G. Campbell Jr., Executive Director and CEO, CHS.

“With the Pivot3 platform, the airport can scale quickly as its infrastructure evolves while continuing to protect its IT and security data.”

Pivot3 aggregates storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources from multiple servers into a single unified platform that maximizes performance and storage capacity utilization.

Designed for demanding, data-intensive workloads, Pivot3 enabled the Charleston International Airport to seamlessly expand its capacity to 250TB of storage.

(Pivot3 delivers the smartest, most complete set of dynamic hyper-converged solutions to efficiently and reliably support all digital business. Through a series of intelligent optimizations, our architecture outperforms all other hyper-converged infrastructures available in the market. Courtesy of Pivot3 and YouTube)

Pivot3’s industry-leading resilience is critical in airport environments where system uptime and data availability are of paramount importance.

If multiple hardware failures occur, servers remain online, and previously recorded data is protected and accessible.

Total cost of operations is reduced through the consolidation of servers, storage and client workstations into one enterprise-class solution that is easily managed from a single user interface without the need for specialized IT skills.

Brandon Reich, General Manager, Surveillance, Pivot3
Brandon Reich, General Manager, Surveillance, Pivot3

“Charleston International Airport’s successful deployment of Pivot3 demonstrates the positive impact hyperconverged platforms deliver to mission-critical environments,” explained Brandon Reich, Surveillance Practice Leader, Pivot3.

“Today’s security and IT applications generate massive amounts of sensitive data, and capturing, protecting and mobilizing this data is absolutely necessary for modern airports.”

“Pivot3 is proud to be a trusted partner to CHS while helping the organization reduce risk, lower costs and simplify their IT infrastructure even as more workloads are added.”

Pivot3 provides easy to use and efficient solutions that deliver intelligence and automation to simplify multi-cloud environments, built on hyperconverged infrastructure.

Pivot3 logoThe company’s advanced intelligence engine combines policy-based management, inference and orchestration capabilities, and industry-leading performance to automate management, resource allocation, workload mobility and data placement across hybrid cloud environments so IT can focus on delivering the applications and services that power your business.

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