DMI & NEC Partner on Biometrics & Mobility for Federal Gov’t Project

DMI has entered into a strategic partnership with NEC Corporation of America to couple NEC’s industry-leading biometric and advanced recognition technology with DMI’s mobile technologies and platforms to address public safety, national security and federal civilian technology priorities within the U.S. government.

DMI’s next-generation platforms for situational awareness, inspections and surveys transform how people in the field work, using voice recognition and mobile technologies to drive safety and efficiencies for a number of federal agencies.

NEC’s facial recognition technology achieved the highest performance evaluation in the recent Face in Video Evaluation (FIVE) testing performed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

(NEC World’s No. 1 Face Recognition Solution, NeoFace. Courtesy of NEC Corporation and YouTube)

Combining this and other NEC core identity management technologies with DMI’s mobile platforms will provide the government:

Front-line safety:

  • Real-time, secure, mobile access to fingerprint, iris and facial recognition technologies for first responders, law enforcement and military teams who are deployed to high-urgency situations.

Rapid identification in crowds:

  • Enhanced identity management capability for large-scale events and natural disasters.

Biometric-enhanced access:

  • Enhanced facial recognition for physical and electronic access to government facilities, including military bases.

Secure, high-speed communications at the edge:

  • Private on-demand networks for forward-operating teams to spin up secure communications and share streaming data such as video and biometrics.

“Government agencies are focused more than ever on public safety and protecting U.S. assets,” said Jay Sunny Bajaj, DMI founder and CEO.

“In today’s connected world, technology serves as a first line of defense to keep out malicious actions by identifying and mitigating suspicious individuals and activity before they become a threat.”

Shinsuke “Shin” Takahashi
Shinsuke “Shin” Takahashi, President and CEO, NEC Corporation of America

“Our partnership with NEC enables us to provide industry-leading mobility solutions coupled with award-winning identity management technology to offer the next generation of public safety and homeland security technology solutions to our government clients.”

“DMI’s demonstrated capabilities and ability to execute in mobility within the federal government markets have both impressed and excited us about our collaborative exploration,” commented Shinsuke “Shin” Takahashi, President and CEO, NEC Corporation of America.

dmi logo“DMI aligns well with our stated mission of improving safety and security within the federal space.”

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